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Raj Excerpt -- Book: Graduation (1991)

Grasping the meaning of Truth does not improve your ability to define your world well. It does not improve your ability to control your process of defining so as to create a better and better definition which is more and more pleasing and less and less threatening to the ego. It constitutes your coming into a real conscious experience of your Self as the Conscious experience of Being, instead of as a human being--as the Son of God instead of the son of man. It constitutes the removal of the insanity, and everything that seemed real within that conceptual framework--constituted entirely of definitions, gathered from a sense of having no Birthright, a sense of being a bastard, a sense of having no source other than the activity of thinking, the activity of being a thinker.  (B-GRAD/R-476)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-07-06

RAJ/JESUS: You see? I'm not here to influence you. I'm not here to control you. In fact, if I tried to control you, it would bring your ego into play which is nothing more than a defense mechanism. So if I want you to make fast progress, I will not try to enforce anything on you at all. And that's the one thing your ego can't defend itself against. And it's the one thing that allows Truth to remain where it can be seen by the Divine One that you are, because the ego has gotten no trigger that says, "Throw up a smoke screen and cloud this Truth from sight.  (C-030706/R-138)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-08-17

A balanced mind joined with the Father, in other words, you being from that Place of Excellence within yourself, not having to exercise control, and yielding to the Father, will find yourself being and doing, acting, behaving just as Paul is at this moment, without conscious ego-minded direction or authority. You find yourself simply being appropriate. And mind you, being appropriate doesn't mean everyone holding A Course In Miracles study groups as we are doing right now. Being appropriate is coming from that Place of Excellence while you're grocery shopping, or preparing dinner, or bowling, or gardening. Did you ever think of gardening with God? That sounds like the title of a new book. Or vacuuming with God? I'm not meaning to be funny here. I'm very serious.   (C-030817/R-17)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-09-21

RAJ: As an ego studying any system of thought, including the Course, you can think that you are learning how to make better choices between what I'm going to call bad options without ever arriving at a point of realizing that there's a whole other level from which choice can be made. The choice isn't between good and bad methods of control. The choice is between believing [a] that you can have control and try to exercise it, or [b] yielding all sense of control up and deferring to the Father. Deferring to what comes forth from that Place of Excellence in the middle of You that has been ever-presently waiting for you to turn around and look at It again.  (C-030921/R-44)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2005-10-02

But not one of you means anything all by yourself, because not any one of you exists all by yourself. And you certainly can't exist at the expense of everyone else. And waking up is learning how you fit in with everything else and how everything else fits in with you, and how essential you are to them and how essential they are to you. But this is threatening to the ethic of being a self-made authorizer, a self-made person.

We've discussed it before: Love is the answer. And Love is embrace. Love is inclusion. Love is the willingness to acknowledge the best in each other, instead of confirming the worst. Waking up therefore means actually changing your behavior--your mental behavior first, and then your external behavior to be consistent with it.

Raj Reading: The ego's interpretation of the laws of perception are, and would HAVE to be, the exact opposite of the Holy Spirit's. The ego focuses on ERROR, and overlooks TRUTH. (H-#268)

Which means, since it's the opposite of the Holy Spirit's, that the Holy Spirit focuses on Truth and overlooks error. But the arrogance of the ego insists upon looking at a Brother and pointing out their errors so that it [your ego] might get a leg up on the situation and stand taller and gain some importance by virtue of having leverage, and thereby control over the one [your Brother] who's been put in second place; [this is] the opposite of inclusion and the establishment of estrangement--separation.  (C-051002/R-40) through (C-051002/R-43)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2005-04-17

RAJ: And welcome to everyone who is joining us on the Internet.

I'm going to start out with some good news. With all this talk about the ego and how it's not your friend, and so on, together with the sloppy way or careless way in which reference to the ego is made, it can seem that you have become an ego. "I am an ego. I have actually become something different from What God Created. And I'm living out a life that expresses ego-hood." And this definition of yourself as an ego becomes part of the box from which you experience being.

And because, through careless thinking, you think of yourself as an ego, and [because] now you know that there's more to life than ego-hood, you think that you have to overcome this thing called "an ego." And it makes it sound as though you have to abandon what you are, you have to somehow stop being what you have become. It's possible for you to begin to think that your Waking up is going to be the extinction of you, because the Real You is so radically different. And that's not something an ego wants to do -- become extinct. And so there is a part of you that resists Waking up, even though you are desiring to wake up.

And of course, [there is] this [additional] idea that Individuality (which is another word for Indivisibility) is going to disappear and you will drift into a blissful, undefinable, pink cloud of bliss where there will be no differentiation of any kind, just an experience of love and peace which your common sense tells you is just a more pleasant form of and perhaps a more beautiful form of a static experience -- we could say [is] " a pleasant form of being dead."

Now, I've said before many, many times, the only thing that is confronting you, the only thing available to you to experience is the Kingdom of Heaven, which you're seeing clearly, or through a glass darkly. That idea allows you to begin to be able to look at everything with a curiosity you didn't have before, because you are [actually] seeing the Ultimate -- you are [as a fictional ego] just not seeing it [the Ultimate Kingdom of Heaven] in its Fullness. And [with curiosity and Singularity of Mind] it's easy for you to imagine that your capacity to see It more fully as What It Is, is available to you. And the only [erroneous] reason you haven't been experiencing It was because what you thought It was, was the only thing [an undifferentiated pink cloud of bliss] you thought It was, and there was no alternative to it.

Now, the equivalent of this, that will also be helpful to you, is for you to understand that you right now are the Christ, the Christ Mind, the Christ Consciousness, seeing everything clearly, or through a glass darkly. You're not an ego seeing things clearly or through a glass darkly. In other words, you are the Ultimate right now, experiencing the Ultimateness of you fully, or in a very limited fashion.   (C-050417/R-7) through (C-050417/R-12)

EMOTIONS [Note that Raj defines "emotions" and "feelings" in a very distinctive way.]

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-05-30

Before we end for the day, I just want to reiterate the difference between emotions and feelings, as I use the words. I use the word "feeling" relative to Soul -- your Soul Capacity, your Capacity as Soul to experience fully the Meaning of every Idea in the Mind of God. It is your Capacity, Soul is your Capacity to feel the Fullness of God in every Aspect of Creation. It is Soul which allows you to feel the Presence of God right where your Brother is, instead of the mask or costume he or she is wearing. Feeling is Soul Sensing the Meaning of Creation. Emotions, on the other hand, are not properly feelings. They are defensive reactions to a misperception of the Kingdom of Heaven. They are defensive reactions to a misperception of a Christ that is confronting you. Those are emotions. Real art never arises out of emotions. They arise out of Soul Sensing.

It's important to understand the distinction here, because the sloppy use of the word[s] "feelings" and "emotions" will keep you from being able to make the distinction between What Is Real and what is not real, what needs to be denied and What Needs To Be Affirmed.

"Oh, well. I feel hurt. I feel the pain of the behavior I was the recipient of. And because I feel it, it's got to be real." But you know what? Feeling unifies, and emotions divide. And so you take a good look at what the end result is of feelings and emotions, and you will be able to determine Which One Is Real and which one is not. And when you can see that an emotional response is not real, and therefore not valid, you will not confirm it and base your actions upon it, because you will end up looking like, and being, a fool temporarily. And it's not your Birthright to be experiencing yourself that way.

I love you. And I will continue to stand here with every single one of you that's behind the costume and the mask, to magnify that Which Is True And Real about you, so that you might feel comfortable in de-masking and disrobing, so that the gloriousness of the Creation of God that is what each of you is might bless everyone because it's no longer hidden.  (C-040530/R-136) through (C-040530/R-139)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2005-09-18

Now, many people meditate, but they think that what they're doing is bringing their body into a state of relaxation. They think that the quietness is a body not being tense, and that it is temporary unless they maintain it by meditating frequently. But I am telling you that the Peace that you arrive at isn't a body that's relaxed. It's you experiencing the context of your Being. It is you experiencing the fundamental Nature of You. It's you experiencing an utterly divine dynamic: Peace.

And you all have the choice to be conscious of everything there is for you to be conscious of, from that Peace. And it is equally possible for you to engage in watering your garden, or conversing with a friend, or driving to the store and being active in that Peace. Peace is not immobilization. Peace is not inactivity. Peace is your Birthright from which to be.

Now the interesting thing is that when you do this and you move into your Peace--fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy are nowhere to be found. If you stay in your Peace and consider the circumstances that seemed to arouse those emotions, those emotions are nowhere to be found, because you are able as Mind, as Awareness, to consider all things from your Peace in which there is clarity available to you with which to deal with those circumstances in a non-reactive way, in a non-defensive way, in a non-self-protective way that embraces everyone and everything involved so that, as the saying goes, the result is a win-win situation.  (C-050918/R-25) through (C-050918/R-27)


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