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[I (Alexander) consider this excerpt from a Gathering with Raj/Jesus in Leiston Abbey, England, 1996, to be essential reading. It is, by far the most profound document I have ever read. Endeavor to study it with an open mind. The annotations in brackets have been added by me for further clarity.]



QUESTION: Could you tell us just a little bit about God, the Father?

RAJ: About God, the Father. [pause] Just anything? [some audience laughter]

QUESTION: Yes, anything.

RAJ: Well, I will say that unlike you, He does not have glorious gray locks, nor is He sitting on a throne.

Your question elicits an answer that must necessarily be in more absolute terms. God is not a person, not a personage. God is, for lack of better terms, “Mind” -- intelligence, infinite, indivisible. And the “Movement” of this Mind is called “Creation.” And every Idea that is formed in this Mind is recognizable to the Mind which formed it. And the Movement of Ideas, which is the Movement of Mind, is what God is.

Mind moved, and experienced Its Movement as recognizable Ideas. And the recognition of the Movement of Mind by the Mind that moved, is what you would call “Consciousness” -- the recognition of Self, you might say. “And God saw everything that He had made, and behold it was, verily, God.” The Bible says, “...and behold, it was very good.” Its meaning is that God recognized Himself in the Movement.

Now, God is not just Mind, but God is “Love.” The Movement of God is “Life.” The essence of all that God is, is -- because it is indivisible -- utterly True. God is therefore the essential “Truth” of All That Is. Because God is not physical in the sense that you think of physicality, and yet everything has substance, there must be a way to identify what substance is, and that is “Spirit.”

God’s capacity to experience and recognize the infinite Movement that He is, is not just a mindful or intellectual experience. It feels like something -- and here is a word I cannot translate to you better than to call it an experience of “feeling.” The capacity to “feel” the “Meaning” of the essential Truth of all that God is, is called “Soul.”

Now, thus God constitutes an infinite and, we could say, spaceless and timeless experience of “Presence” -- Presence that can be recognized and felt as what It is: God, Life, Truth, Soul, Spirit, et cetera.

Now, when I look at each of you, I [Jesus] see this Presence that is God. When I look at anything that is present, available to see, I see this present that is God, that is timeless, spaceless, and nonphysical. All that you call “physical” is nonphysical. And every stone in these walls, every reed in the ceiling, embodies the totality of what God is, and embodies Meaning, with a capital “M” -- the Meaning set into motion by the Movement of Mind that God is.

What you are going to find as you practice this curiosity that I’ve been talking about to see “the more of what’s Really here” than what you’re currently seeing and “the more to you that you Are” than what you are currently experiencing, you will find that you will not lose your body. It will not disappear and the world will not disappear, but you will begin to identify more with the “Presence of Mind” that you are, which is God.

And in shifting from the specific visibility and tangibility of your presence to the Presence of Mind that you Are, you will find yourself having a more infinite experience in which there is no division between you and your Brothers and Sisters, no division between you and your perceived world and this conscious experience of Unity in which there is incredible infinite intimacy. You will allow your body to be what it is without being preoccupied with it any more. Your frame of reference, as it were, will no longer be your body, but the Conscious Experience of Being that you are.

When that happens, wherever you give your attention is where you will find your body will be. You would call it “teleportation.” You will shift your attention, and the specific identification of you will be there. All of you who might have imagined what it would be like to teleport have imagined that by moving [teleporting] your body, you would move yourself. But as this shift of frame of reference occurs, you will find that your Mind is everywhere at once, and you can give specific attention to any place in the infinite Movement of God, and the specific identification of you will move there. But it will follow you instead of taking you there.

Because God is indivisible, He is undivided, and therefore there is no conflict, and therefore the infinity of Creation is utterly harmonious. But it is not harmony that is the result of the purity of one single element. Harmony, like music, is the result of many tones. And the infinite expression of God called “the Kingdom of Heaven,” or “Creation,” is an infinite expression or conscious experience of specifics that are always in utter harmony with each other.

And although there are an infinite variety of specifics, God is never minimized or confined to them. An Idea in the Mind of God is like a hologram that embodies all that God is. And so whether you take the Whole or whether you take one straw from this ceiling, you will find the Whole there. And so there is no such thing as competition.

But for the sake of sounding a little ridiculous, I will say that the conscious experience of Reality is very interesting, far from dull, fuller of real Meaning than you can imagine.

Now, what good does it do for me to tell you something like all of this? Not much, unless there is a way for you to access it. I’ve already said today that there needs to be a curiosity as to what Truth is, and to not look for It outside of yourself in some, I will say, “infallible” source, because it needs to be sought within yourself, which brings into play your inherent capacity to recognize Truth -- which none of you solidly believes in yet. And so there’s this little element of risk as you open up to It and are willing to make commitment to what you find being revealed.

That is part of the way to promote or facilitate this shift of frame of reference that I’ve just been speaking about. There is another aspect that really is the one that most rapidly facilitates your experiencing this shift of perception, and that is literally to begin to express Love.

Most of the time, your concepts about love are based upon your need to have a pleasant experience. And so love becomes a series of techniques that you employ to manipulate each other to be nice. “So I love you so that you will be nice to me. And in order for me to find out what love is, I have to get to know you so that I can find out what you like so that I can do the things you like and not do the things you don’t like. And that makes you feel good, which makes me feel good. Ah, we’re in love!”

Now, I’m going to suggest to you that in spite of wonderful, loving relationships that you have had, that many of you have had, that maybe you don’t know yet what Love really is. And the reason you don’t know is because you haven’t yet experienced “being loved” -- being loved by one whose Love is impulsed by the purity of what God is as Love. What I am saying here is not being said to minimize any degree of harmony and sweetness and affection you have all brought into your lives so far, but I want for you to have a more complete experience of what Love is so that that can be shared.

Now, all of you have within yourself this “place of Silence,” this place in which when you meditate through whatever means of meditation you use, you can come into an absence of thinking -- a place in which there is just peace -- a place in which no matter what the circumstances are in your life, strenuous or peaceful or whatever, in spite of them this place of peace is within you. This place, you could say, is the vestibule to your enlightenment, the vestibule into your clearer experience of your divine Sanity, because in the absence of thoughts, you can hear something new, you can feel something new.

Do you realize that if there’s only one thing going on and that’s the Presence of God, which you could call the Kingdom of Heaven -- and there’s really no other choice of an experience of Life -- then, when you are thinking that all of this is something different and it doesn’t change what it Really is, then what it Really is (because it has its source in the vitality of the Presence of God) will constantly be pressing against whatever perceptions, whatever imaginative perceptions you [as ego] have come up with that disagree with what the Kingdom of Heaven is? And so, if you have created a fantasy about it all -- a little biased perception of it all -- what it Really is, is going to constantly undermine and eat away at your precious [ego] concept as to what it really means. What everything Really is, is constantly insinuating Itself into your imaginative perception which you have overlaid upon it.

The reason I [Jesus] am saying this is so that you might understand that when thinking stops and you move into the Silence and you feel the Peace, you are no longer engaged in inserting a preferential fantasy between yourself and Reality. And in the absence of that, the Presence of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Presence of Reality as It is, has a chance of registering with you.

I say this so that you might understand that you don’t have to work at seeing everything the way it is. You simply have to stop working at seeing it the way it isn’t!

One of the things that you find in the Silence within you is that where at first it seemed empty but utterly peaceful, it’s not empty at all. But you won’t find that out if you don’t spend time in the Silence -- in the Void, if you will -- in the place of not-knowing. As you give yourself the opportunity, repetitively, to experience the Peace of your Being, you will begin to find, as I said, that something else is there. And what is there is the Presence of Love. And this Presence of Love is embracing you.

And this Presence of Love is so pure, unmistakably pure, unmistakably unconditional in content that the very experience of Its Presence reveals to you your Innocence. And to arrive at the clarity of your Innocence isn’t something you will arrive at through reasoning. It’s just unmistakably clear that this Love by which you are loved is, Itself, the proof that you are utterly Innocent, because nothing but that which is Innocent could be so purely loved. And you will feel loved and Innocent simultaneously.

And yet -- pardon, if you don’t mind my language -- it will be obvious to you that you’re the same “ass-hole” who sat down to meditate. Now it’s important what I’ve just said, because that’s where it’s at, is discovering that in spite of all of what you thought you had to do to become worthwhile, you, in whatever state of humanness you currently see yourself in, are sitting right there experiencing being loved by a Love that proves your Innocence -- such Innocence, and such secure Innocence, that you realize you don’t have to do anything to become worthy.

This is so important. And I’m going to say it again. The “ass-hole” that’s sitting there experiencing being loved, and being shown by the Presence of that Love that you are absolutely Innocent, discovers, for lack of better words, that coming into the experience of your Christhood has nothing to do with growth, but it has to do with your Birthright which was from the beginning.

Now you have an experience of being loved. And what that Love has revealed to you about you, has revealed to you everything about your neighbor (the “ass-hole” next door) or your husband (the “ass-hole” upstairs). You see?

Now, because of the experience of Love “that has illumined your Innocence” has changed your whole perception about your fellowman, because you know that the “ass-hole” that sat down isn’t any better than the “ass-hole” upstairs, and now you know that the one upstairs is as Innocent as you, and your new experience of yourself causes you to spontaneously be able to love that one upstairs (or the neighbor next door) with new eyes. And if you cultivate this experience by choosing to stay in your Peace as consistently as possible, and connecting with this Love that is loving you, then your behavior toward your fellowman will change. And as I said earlier about recognizing the integrity of your fellowman, now you have a real -- this is a poor word -- but a real “understanding” of what the integrity is that your Brother has because it’s been uncovered to you in you.

And so now your experience of your integrity and your Innocence and your capacity to feel Love, begins to bless your neighbor while you still sit in your chair, not having gotten up from your meditation yet. It also changes the way you will behave on an ongoing basis where you’re actually interacting.

What God is, is not separate from what you Are. And the Love that you find yourself loved by in your Peace is the Presence of God loving you, illuminating Its Meaning that It has embodied as what you call yourself. So you’re not going to really understand God until you let God in. And when you let God in, it isn’t God that’s going to be revealed to you. It’s who you Are that’s going to be revealed to you.

And as that revelation grows, you will ultimately discover that you have been finding out what God is. But I’m expressing it this way so that you might understand that understanding God will not happen apart from your getting acquainted with yourself -- the divine one that you Are, the “ass-hole” sitting in each of these chairs at this moment. I use that [term] because I don’t want any of you -- and of course, you will do what you’re going to do anyway -- but I don’t want any of you to let your attention be drawn to some other place in an attempt to find God, when the only place you’re going to find God is in the clearer experience of who you Are at this moment, with all of your apparent faults. Is that clear? [Audience replies in the affirmative.]

In our attempts to be spiritual, there is a tendency to demean all that is human about you, to rise above it. And yet, the human being -- which when properly understood is a humane being or a movement of humane beingness -- when you realize that the human being that you are, is where God is present to be seen, experienced, uncovered, revealed, you will begin to take a lot better care of yourself. You will love yourself a lot more. You will begin to be more humane toward yourselves.

I’ve said it before: The most direct route to your divinity is right through the center of your humanity. Again, it’s right in that vulnerable, risky place where you consider the possibility that you don’t know what is true, and you are curious about what is true, and you dare to listen, and then make commitment to the revelation of Truth that has occurred within you, using or utilizing your inherent capacity to recognize Truth that you don’t think you truly have. You see? It all happens in your heart, you might say.

Now, I have given a very broad answer to a very broad question. And I’m very glad that you asked the question, whether you’re happy with the answer or not. [some audience laughter]

QUESTION: I asked for a little, but I got a lot. And I thank you very much, Raj. Thank you.

RAJ: You are welcome.



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