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Raj Excerpt -- Book: You Are The Answer

RAJ: Paul, all energy is Light, and Light is the omnipresent energy that constitutes all life forms, all ideas, and all of every aspect of Conscious Being. it is the pure Light that is Love. It is the pure Light that constitutes Substance. It is the pure Light which differentiates Itself according to Intelligence as all that appears and all that is.

PAUL: [Whereupon I experienced a number of visual images which Raj said to ignore.]

RAJ: The delight of Life is the signal which indicates the successful completion or Awakening in individual thought. This is because it indicates the amalgamation or connection of the Alpha and Omega--the inside and the outside--the spiritual and material--the Fourth Dimension with the first three as Conscious Experience.

I know that this is very difficult for you to put up with, because you feel there are more pressing needs, but if you will bear with me a little longer, it will be worth your while.

PAUL: Very well, Raj.

RAJ: This Light energy, which is constituted of the Christ-consciousness--God's view of Himself--is what constitutes your consciousness and your experience, Totally and Completely. you must understand that there is nothing else going on--no other Presence but this Light. It is the Light of Living Love.

Paul, it is impossible for your world to become integrated if you do not understand what the Substance of that Totality is. This is why we are discussing this point this morning. The only Substance there is throughout the Universe--and throughout all dimensions--is Light. This Light, in Its various aspects, is Life, Truth, Principle, Mind, Soul, and Spirit. It is also Intelligence and Substance.

In everything you do, I want you to begin to be conscious of this idea that all there is to you--and all there is to everything--is this Light of Living Love. There are not two things going on. This Light is eternally living Itself as the intelligent expression of Conscious Experience, universally and specifically.

Now, I want to correct a misconception on your part. Your ability to reason and think is not the equivalent of the three-dimensional frame of reference. Your thought processes and reasoning processes are not to be ignored. We would not be communicating at this very moment if you did not have the means to translate the meanings I am communicating into words and phrases. It is only by virtue of the fact that you have imagination, reason, perspicacity--all of the various capacities and functions of Consciousness--that you are able to correctly translate that which unfolds to you. This is true whether it is coming from me, or from that Place wherein you directly experience the Reality of Being.

We run into trouble when we stand away from the Door, and begin our thinking or thought processes from their standpoint, and then extrapolate and come to conclusions without going within and being as Conscious Being.

You see, Being unfolds Itself as meaning, not as language. It is through the function of Reason and Imagination that language is brought into play, for the purpose of verbalizing these infinite Meanings which Being is unfolding.

You do have a right to answers which will identify the Absolute Oneness of Being throughout your entire experience of Being.   (B-YATA/R-1613) through (B-YATA/R-1624)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-01-23

RAJ/JESUS:  The key point tonight is that what you call life is a call for involvement from your heart, from the Altar within you, which is where the Light of God is being the Light that you are. It's about not withholding the Gift of What You Divinely Are from your Brothers and Sisters, your friends and your enemies. Atonement simply isn't a private affair. Again, it's an Act of Love. And an Act of Love cannot be an isolated expression or experience.

I'm speaking very, very clearly tonight, because the clearer you are about it, the more disciplined your mind can be. Because there's less confusion. There's less of this airy-fairy, metaphysical, spiritual nonsense that can imagine that because nothing means anything, or because you don't know what anything really means, and maybe what is meaningless can really be meaningful. You think that this attitude, this frame of mind, is like a safety net. It's more like a padded room in an insane asylum. And if you can be clear on this, so that there is less confusion, then, you'll find it easier to dare to ask for what is the Truth, so that you can find out what the Truth is, so that it might spontaneously find expression through you and your voice gets counted. And the Heavenly Host Who Are Awake will throw up an infinite cheer in favor of and in support of your having the courage to cast your vote, and not be on the fence, and not hide in a nebulous place, thinking that somehow it's a dependable spiritual hideout where you don't have to cast your vote.  (C-030123/R-220) through (C-030123/R-221)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-07-13

RAJ: I need devoted teachers, teachers of right teaching and right learning. I need teachers who are going to teach by BEING LOVE rather than teaching fear.

Now, another way of saying it that will put it more clearly is that I need devoted Be-ers. I need those who are willing to come from that Place of Excellence within themselves, in the beginning with Me so that you might get the feel for coming from that Place of Excellence in You, because this allows you to be the Presence of Love, the embodiment of the Father's Will that constitutes the Light that illumines every little itty-bitty corner of life.

I need Teachers of Truth rather than teachers of illusion. But I don't need a concept of teachers. I don't need someone being a teacher. The word "teacher" is not the designator of a position. Truly, a teacher is one who is simply Being with Excellence as a Brother to his Brothers and Sisters, as a Sister to her Brothers and Sisters, as that which is inseparable from the earth, the plants, the birds, the universe, as something that has as its conscious intent the desire to make and keep everything in his experience whole because everything in his experience is worthy of it.

A teacher is one who is willing to extend Love, Truth, rather than fear and illusion.

I need you to be Who You Really Are. Why? Because that's the way you wake up. And when you wake up, the Brotherhood is more consciously whole because there isn't some part of the Brotherhood having committed themselves to fitful dreams and who are therefore not present with us, not joying their Birthright, and in effect, disallowing us from experiencing them as part of the wholeness of us as a conscious experience.

Don't get hung up on the word "teachers." I need devoted Be-ers of Love who share my aim of healing the mind.  C-030713/R-125) through (C-030713/R-130)

Raj Excerpt -- St. David's, Pennsylvania--1992

RAJ/JESUS:  Life should be vitally interesting to you, because Life, with a capital "L", is the only thing confronting you -- it's the only available experience. And if it is confronting you and nothing else is really confronting you, then engage your curiosity to see everything you are seeing in a new light. Your behavior will change--your behavior towards everything you see and your behavior towards your fellowman. And there will be love in it, because you will not look at a thing and insist that this cannot be of God.

You will look at the murderer and you will say, "What I am believing that I am seeing cannot be the truth. Here is a direct expression of the Father -- here is God embodied, God expressed--and I refuse to hold him to my limited perception of him as an awful person, unworthy of any recognition of value." This is the way you begin -- each of you -- to undo the misperception. This is the way you initiate healing. This is the way you initiate transformation. It is called forgiveness.

And there is a point that all of you need to understand about forgiveness. Forgiveness isn't saying, "I love you in spite of the horrible, dastardly, cruel thing you did." Forgiveness is withdrawing judgment. Forgiveness isn't something you give to someone else; it is an act within yourself of withdrawing judgment and thus releasing conflict within you, releasing that which keeps you polarized and tied up in knots, so that you are able to experience your peace which leads you to view your world without polarization, in an unconflicted manner.

It [forgiveness] is seeing the Son of God in your fellowman that releases you and your fellowman from historical definitions -- "Two weeks ago you did this; a month ago you did it; five years ago you were doing it; you haven't changed a bit." And every time you say that you impress the other one with the fact that he has not changed and he is exactly what you think he is, and he is what he thinks he is, because everyone has told him about his history which they say governs their definition of him in the present. And all of you in one way or another hold each other to your past concepts of each other.  (G-1992A/R-32) through (G-1992A/R-35)

Raj Excerpt -- RAJ NEWSLETTER Volume 3 Number 4--April, 1986

RAJ: There is much said about releasing attachment to the world, especially in the Eastern religions. There is much value in that idea because attachment is a thing of the ego, and it arises out of the very strong sense of incompleteness and the frustration that follows that sense. Thus, the ego is constantly having to capture the territory it would possess, and hold onto it. Yet, having it does not change the fact that the ego sense, itself, is a sense of incompleteness, and for that reason the possession of territory is not fulfilling. So, it must grasp for more.

You must be careful, because as you make the shift from the ego frame of reference to the level of your Being, there will be, out of habit, a tendency to think about the new territory in the old ego terms. What you want is Peace. What you want is to no longer be experiencing the feeling of incompleteness and need. What you want is not greater excitement, even though, from the ego standpoint, that seems quite reasonable.

When you manage to become more consistently centered, more consistently in touch with your Being, and you are experiencing the Peace that is inherent in your Being, which has never gone anywhere -- even when you have been out of peace -- life will not become dull or monotonous, but increasingly more interesting and dynamic.

The artistry that you will notice around the way in which your Being is unfolding Its fulfillment right here will be an incredible source of joy and wonder. It is rather like light signals turning green, allowing you to get to your destination without stopping and starting, stopping and starting, stopping and starting; or finding that without any personal effort on your part, everything falls together in such an orderly way, and in such a complex way, that it is sheer beauty to observe it.

What will please you will change, but the experience of pleasure will not. In fact, the pleasure and the aliveness to life will be increased a hundred-fold -- and I mean life right here, with trees, and oceans, and means of transportation, et cetera. It is all God. It is all some aspect of the infinitude of your Being. None of it is going on the way the ego sees it. There is nothing boring about experiencing the beauty of a California redwood tree in its body of Light. That does not mean that it will not have texture and color, but it will not have what you call "material accompaniments." It will not have the capacity to die, or be blighted, or fall on someone and kill him, and it will be a communication of Love.

No, there will be no desire to go someplace else, because where you are is already so marvelous in its reality.  (N-0304/R-74) through (N-0304/R-79)

LISTENING (Especially to one's Guide)

Raj Excerpt -- Book: You Are The Answer

RAJ/JESUS:  Explain to her that when she contacts her Guide -- or when her Guide contacts her -- she will need to be in a quiet inner place where she is not pushing for anything. Pushing will get in the way and prevent her from making contact. Her Guide will only be able to contact her when she is being totally quiet.

Share with her that once she begins to express an interest in making contact with her Guide, her Guide will immediately begin helping her in invisible ways to quiet down her unbounded enthusiasm and her great desire to have things when she wants them. She will not have to do this all by herself.

Tell her that her Guide realizes that being quiet, giving up, and letting things happen in their proper time may seem like an almost impossible job to her. That is exactly why her Guide will be helping her -- silently and invisibly -- to assist her in learning how to be still and in a listening attitude. Tell her it will not be impossible, but that she must be willing to let her Guide come to her in the way that her Guide knows best. This is the way that will be of most benefit to her.

Of course, she will need to approach me [Raj/Jesus] in the same way, and I will be most glad to speak to her. Knowing that she is desirous of speaking to me, I will be attentive and waiting. She must be patient with herself, as the pathway is cleared for communication.  (B-YATA/R-692) through (B-YATA/R-695)

Raj Excerpt -- Princeville, Hawaii--1989

RAJ: First of all, it's important for you to know that if you do get in touch with your Guide, you don't have to pay any attention to him or her. Knowing that will not inhibit your ability to connect with your Guide. And whether you choose to pay attention or to accept what is said or not, your Guide will speak with you.

This is important for you because you are somewhat of an independent soul -- if I might put it that way -- with a small "s". And there is a reluctance to defer to a Guide, a reluctance to be put in a position where you are obligated to take what is said. You do not want to get locked into a necessity to be obedient to someone. And so I am letting you off the hook, by letting you know that you do not have to listen, you do not have to pay attention, you do not have to agree, and still your Guide will speak with you.

Now there are four steps, simple steps to get in touch with your Guide. All four steps are to be employed at a single sitting. Each time you sit down to take time to get in touch with your Guide, utilize these four steps.

The first step is: Become still. And you may do this through meditation, soaking in a hot tub. Whatever allows you to relax and let go of the concerns of the day, and whatever allows you to become relatively quiet in your mind, become still.

The second step is: Mentally express your desire to have dialog with your Guide. Express this desire once only and go on to step three. And express that desire gently, not controllingly, not urgently, not with great pleading and desire, but gently and peacefully and simply. Anything else constitutes willfulness.

Having expressed it gently once, go on to step three, which is: listen. Now how do you listen -- imploringly, impatiently, with righteous intent? No, uncontrollingly and allowingly. This period of the meditation and the process of getting in touch with your Guide must be one of yielding up willfulness and just becoming quietly and attentively listening. Let the attitude be, Thy Will be done, in the sense of allowing your Guide to approach you in the way that he or she knows is best for you. And I say he or she because your Guide will present himself or herself to you in a manner that will have meaning for you. Do not have an expectation as to which it will be, that can get in the way.

The fourth step is: Expect an answer. You can sit until doomsday and hear nothing if you are not expecting an answer, even though answers will be given.

Now it is important for all of you to know that no prerequisite must be met in order to connect with your Guide other than to have arrived at a point where there is a desire for you to be able to speak with your Guide.  (G-1989B/R-345) through (G-1989B/R-352)



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