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Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2002-10-02

SEEKER: The imagination that we're living in, and there's been these hints dropped -- a lot of conversation about time being an illusion, and you said there wasn't any evolution, and I remember you saying, "the cavemen, if there was such a thing" -- am I living in this imaginary world pretending that there was this fast history of evolution, etc. I mean ancient… a lot of times in the Course [ACIM] it talks about "ancient" in a seeming almost sarcastic way. I mean is this all just an illusion? History.

RAJ: You are living in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven. You are living in the middle of Eternity. There's no time occurring right now, right here. But through the use of your imagination, you are seeing and experiencing time and the conceptualization of infinity as being on a timeline that is infinite, with an infinite future and an infinite past. And so you are experiencing a misperception of Eternity, right here, right now, in the middle of Eternity.

SEEKER: So the T. Rex [Tyrannosaurus Rex] bones they dug up are our image that we're holding in our mind of this enlightened being that's passed on. I mean I don't… I can't really conceptualize not having history from where I am now. But I'm beginning to see that it's not going to work, as I'm moving forward, to keep thinking of things in the past, of this vast past that's brought us to this point. That's….

RAJ: Well, it is impossible for you to conceive of the Meaning of the word "Eternity." The closest you could come to it would be Wholeness--infinitely all-inclusive Wholeness in the now. The reason you must let go of the past, and the reason you must stop anticipating the future, is because until you let go of that conceptualized timeline, you will be unable to experience the eternal presences of T. Rexes, and anything else that it seems existed in the past but no longer exist. I've said before that by releasing the future and the past from your consideration, and letting your awareness be brought to the moment you're in, and then letting that moment be snuffed out, that's where the transition into the Conscious Experience of Eternity occurs.

SEEKER: Eternity is kind of being found in the stillness, in the void.

RAJ: Yes, but also I want you to grasp that Reality is not off at a distance. Right now, right here in this room, you're experiencing Eternity. Right now, right here in this room, you are experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven. But you are experiencing it through a sieve. You are experiencing it through a filter -- a highly complex filter of definitions which you have applied to the Kingdom of Heaven and Eternity, including this concept of life being a timeline moving from the past to the future.

What I want you to understand is that Reality, Eternity, the Divinity of everything, the Divinity of you, all of this is just a shift of perception away right here. And it will be a shift of perception about everything that is right here -- [tap on the glass of the table] the glass top table, the chair, your hands, the microphone, the red color of the word on your shirt, the color itself. This is why I say be curious about every single thing you're experiencing, because in a moment of defenselessness, in a moment of looking with innocent eyes innocent of preconceptions, it can all change. Not that it will change, but what you're allowing it to be in your experience will change and more truly represent Reality.

But let the curiosity be present here and now, because it's not off in the future that you're going wake up. It's going to be in the moment that you look defenselessly at the orchid, or the glass of water -- like, "What in the world does that mean? What in the world is that?" You see? And then shutting up and allowing the answer to be revealed. More than that. Letting the answer be revealed by the very thing you've asked the question about. You don't have to ask your Guide, "What's the Meaning of that orchid?" Ask the orchid. Be open to it because it has the full means of conveying to you what its Meaning is. That is its gift -- to convey its Meaning.  (C-021002/S-132) through (C-021002/R-139)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-04-24

RAJ: Knowing is a now, a present experience and it causes one to find the past to be irrelevant, and gives you a direct experience of the fact that there is no past or future, and that any past or future you conceived of was an illusion, and therefore not worth any comment or conversation whatsoever in light of the fullness of Knowing which you can't help but let govern the way you're being in the moment. It moves you out of time.

SEEKER: So you recognize the illusion of time?

RAJ: Oh, absolutely.  (C-030424/R-127) through (C-030424/R-129)

Raj Excerpt -- Carmel, California VIDEO "RAJ--ACIM"--1986

It is not complicated to wake up. It does not require a rigorous exercise or physical process; it simply requires becoming quiet. To be conscious is not the equivalent of thinking. It is quite possible to be absolutely, totally conscious with no thought whatsoever.

Now, when one becomes still, one becomes definitely established in the moment of conscious experience that he is in. The process of meditation pulls you out of the future and the past. It allows you to be totally present with everything in the now. And the now is the holy instant, the now of conscious experience.  (G-1986G/R-19) through (G-1986G/R-20)

In effect, you will see that you are always in the Kingdom of Heaven, but simply asleep. But all along, you were Divinely what you Are. And so, I encourage all of you not to waste your time figuring out what happened back when. "Back when" is an illusion. "Up ahead" is an illusion. You see, from within the three-dimensional frame of reference, Eternity, which is the Eternal now, gets stretched out on a time-line, past to future. That is an illusion. (G-1986G/R-69)

And I have said this before, but I will say it again: eternity is not endless time, endless into the past, endless into the future. Eternity is when you let go of the past and the future and let yourself come fully into the moment of conscious experience that you are in. And I will tell you this: You want to know where the little gap is? The little gap is dead center in the instant you are in, that is why it is called the holy instant. It is the place where the instant of wholeness is available to you, it is that point where you may slip out of time into the full conscious experience of the eternal now, the infinite now. (G-1989A/R-251)

The future is a trap! The past is a trap! Both are imaginary! Not one of you has ever experienced the past or the future. You've always experienced the moment of conscious experience that you're in, which is always present and now. You see how little you pay attention to the obvious, how little you pay attention to the actual experience, because you are concerning yourself with the rent that is due next week, you are concerning yourself with a deadline, you are concerning yourself with your past catching up with you. And you believe that and ignore totally the fact that you have only ever experienced now -- the moment you are in. And the only time you have been able to act is in the now. And that eternity, you might say, of experiencing the now should constitute overwhelming evidence that the future and the past are useless. (G-1989C/R-83)

Raj Excerpt -- Yucaipa, California--May 1996

You know, you can't love in the past and you can't love in the future, can you? The only place that you can feel love is in the instant of conscious awareness you're having. And the only place you can extend it, embody it, is in the now, which is timeless. And so if you engage in love, you are in perfect alignment with the only moment there is, if I may put it that way, you see. That puts you out of time. And how difficult is it to do that. You don't need a degree. You don't need any mechanical objects. You don't need money. You simply have to say, "I value expressing Love more than anything else." Well, you say, "That's very magnanimous and wonderful but there are so few people who do it, it must really be hard or everyone would be doing it. I don't know if I can do it."

So let's make it a little more relevant. You know the question is, "What's in it for me?" This really makes it more relevant, "What's in it for me?" Well, what's in it for you is that Peace is yours, the absence of gut-wrenching knots of fear. The uninterrupted experience of Joy. I know Joy doesn't motivate you as much as not experiencing pain. So we'll talk about that. It will be the absence of pain. It will be the absence of all kinds of hurting. On that basis I think you all could muster up enough energy to dare to at least begin to choose for Love more consistently at every moment.  (G-1996F/R-481) through (G-1996F/R-482)



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