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Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2002-10-10

RAJ: It [Awakening] will happen… it will happen at the fastest rate it can without your experiencing a loss of identity in the process, because there is only One You, and that identicalness, you might say, that inseparable Oneness of You must remain intact as your experience of what you are grows into Wholeness. And if you can bear it, you might say, it can happen in an instant.  (C-021010/R-288)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-02-27

READER [of ACIM Text]: It should especially be noted that God has only one Son. If all His creations are His Sons, every one must be an integral part of the whole Sonship. The Sonship in its Oneness transcends the sum of its parts. However, this is obscured as long as any of its parts is missing. That is why the conflict cannot ultimately be resolved until all the parts of the Sonship have returned. (T-#29/33)

RAJ: And, and of course, my [Jesus] being with you in this way is to provide an invitation to you to return, to provide you with an embodied expression of my love and of the love of the whole Brotherhood, of all of the Brotherhood who are awake, so that you might know that there is a place to come to where your welcome is already prepared for you, so that you might feel justified in turning toward Home. In effect I am reducing your fear of coming Home. I am reducing your fear of me. I am being with you the way you need to be with those who are afraid of you, those who feel that you are their enemy.  (C-030227/B-86) through (C-030227/R-87)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-04-24

Now, when you come back Home and you let yourself be God Expressed, you let God be All, the only thing going on where you are on God's terms, then you become His Sane Son, His Sane Daughter, His Sane Expression, and there will no longer be the Holy Spirit. There will be Mind with a capital "M" and Its Idea. There will be the Creator and His Creation. And as I've said before, Mind moves and recognizes Itself, and that recognition consummates the total Movement of Being that is Creation. In other words, there isn't cause and effect. There's Cause and Event. And the Event is Cause seen and recognized. Mind moves, recognizes Its Self, and that constitutes Self-consciousness. Mind Moving, Mind Being Conscious is the Event so the two are one.

Father and the Son are One as an Experience so the time will come when there will no longer be a Trinity and your experience of Being will be God's Experience of Being All There Is, of Being All with no aspect of Its Infinity unavailable to you and where you experience your utter Oneness with it all, which would mean experiencing your utter Oneness with each other and experiencing your utter Oneness with what you call the Universe, All of Creation, consciously.  (C-030424/R-24) through (C-030424/R-26)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-05-25

RAJ: "I'd rather see it my way!" And in that act of separation and denial of your Source, it caused all of Creation to seem to become separated from Its Source. And that's when, instead of an Infinite Unity, it became broken into an infinite separation of things, distinct and separate and apart from each other, that all must somehow manage to do the immensely, unnatural thing of cooperating with each other on the basis of agreements. And the natural harmony of the infinite Oneness of God's Self-Expression was lost. And any harmony that might be achieved through mutual agreements of separated parts would end up having to be something that was enforced, rather than utterly and absolutely and eternally natural.   (C-030525/R-240)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-06-15

And the Father says, "Because that [false identity, separate authority, respectability] isn't your Being. I [God] am your Being. You and I are One. And in that Oneness, you are Infinite. And in that Oneness, you are unending Love. And in that Oneness, the Glory Of All That Exists dawns upon you as the Glory of the Infinitude of your Being inseparable from Me. And I cannot agree with you when you say that this authority that you think you have is real. And I cannot agree with you when you say that if I take that away from you, you will be less than whole. Because when you let go of it, you will be Whole beyond conception. You will Be And Experience Wholeness beyond your most ingenious, imaginative definition."  (C-030615/R-84)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-08-31

RAJ: This is how you praise God: Not by turning around and shooting the revelation right back to Him, but by sharing it with your Brothers, confirming Infinite Oneness rather than singular isolation.  (C-030831/R-132)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-01-18

You remembering Who You Really Are is a joyful thing. You reincorporating your Experience of Being the Son or Daughter of God, Perfect, whose Function is only to recognize God in every thing, which is a totally joyous experience. You whose Function it is to recognize God in every thing with the realization that every thing is some aspect of the Infinitude Of Your Being is an equally joyous thing, because What and Who You Are is redefined into a Wholeness, into a Oneness, where conflict is non-existent.  (C-040118/R-33)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-04-11

RAJ: Mm. There we come again; not a variable state. "Oh, evenness. Boring!" I know, it's the surprises, it's the unexpected which makes your life what? Hell. [audience laugh] Not interesting. Ahh. You know what? It may be tantalizingly scary to try to be independent, but I will tell you that it is infinitely fulfilling to experience your Intimate Infinite Oneness with All of Creation in which the incredible Divine Meaning that the Father is setting into place as All of Creation is available to you to feel fully. Yes, I'm enticing you.  (C-040411/R-170)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-10-17

RAJ READING [ACIM Text]: Truth can only be EXPERIENCED. (H-#202)

RAJ: I've talked about this before, the fact that Truth isn't a linear, intellectual explanation of something that through reason you understand. Truth is an experience. I'm going to put it this way. Truth is the experience of What A Thing Is, an experience in which the whole of What That Thing Is is fully disclosed to you. And what that thing is not finds no abiding place in your awareness. Truth, therefore, is the undistorted, unbound Conscious Awareness of Something. I have referred to it as Knowing, with a capital "K", which is different from understanding. When you see the table, when you see your Brother or Sister, when you see your fingernail, when you see the sky or the trees, and your experience of what you're seeing is utterly and completely whole, you are experiencing the Truth. And as I've also said before, when you have that experience, that undistorted experience of something, you unavoidably have the experience of your oneness with it. That's part of the whole experience of a thing. You will never be left out of the experience of a thing. You will never find yourself to be an observer of the thing. You will have -- and the word "experience" is a shallow word compared to the experience--you will have the experience of What A Thing Divinely Is from which you will in no way feel separated. And you will also know that it's an Experience of God. That is the Experience of Truth.  (C-041017/B-11) through (C-041017/R-13)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-11-28

To not claim a presence different from the One Infinite Presence That You Are, a Presence which is constantly Conscious, and therefore constantly in the Movement of Consciousness, which is therefore experienced as All That Is -- the Kingdom of Heaven, the Universe, Infinity. The acknowledgement of That [One Infinite Movement of Consciousness Now]. The recognition of your Self in That [One Infinite Movement of Consciousness Now]. Where the full Meaning of the redness of the poinsettia is communicated Infinitely, for lack of better words, through the Universe, which is some Aspect of the Infinitude of You in your Singular, Universal Oneness, as well.  (C-041128/R-139)

Raj Excerpt -- Carmel, California -- 1986

When you are at the grocery store and you are having to decide between Cheerios and Wheaties hesitate a moment. There is only one you are going to take home with you as far as you know, and so one will be more appropriate than the other under the circumstances. Just hesitate a moment, inquire within, "which is most appropriate today?" And then listen. And then whichever one is indicated, take. You might find yourself occasionally being told to get both when there seems to be no reason for it, and upon arriving at home finding out that you have company, and you're going to see that you needed the additional breakfast food and it will make sense. My point is this. Inquire often during the day. Let go often during the day, even if it is momentarily. Let go and do not assume that you know the answer as a result of your reasoning and past experience. Momentarily inquire. And act upon the response. And you will find that you will be able to make a gradual and natural transition from your old sense of responsibility to, what from the old sense will be irresponsibility, but which will really be acting out from a constant consistent inner knowing or guidance. Letting go gives you the opportunity to find out at an experiential level that there is a oneness and an orderliness to the infinite fabric of being, and not any one activity is too mundane or too inconsequential to have a place in that fabric. Okay, that's the end of the answer.  G-1986B/R-72) through (G-1986B/R-74)

Raj Excerpt -- Carmel, California -- 1986

RAJ: Your individuality is whole. And a part of waking up is discovering that the masculine and feminine natures are inappropriately and ignorantly separated, and that your experience of being a female in nature, emotions and form constitutes an incomplete experience of yourself. Within that delusional sense or experience you have experienced being masculine and feminine, male and female in a number of lifetimes, but you have never ceased being the completeness constituted of the oneness, the integratedness of those two natures. Now I want to make it very clear, that if you are presently female, or if you are presently male, the aspect that is currently absent is not embodied in another individuality, in another dimension or time. This absent portion is present in the 98 percent of you that you are not currently accessing and consciously experiencing. It is present right where you are, just as the Body of Light that constitutes your manifest identity is present right now, which I can see, but which is not obvious to you. You're not forever destined to be female and destined to be male. Each of you is destined to Wake up to what you have always been, which is an undistorted completeness, period. That's the end of the answer.  G-1986B/R-96) through (G-1986B/R-98)

Raj Excerpt -- Carmel, California VIDEO "RAJ -- ACIM" -- 1986

So, my message to you is, that your Being has a message for you. It has had, and it has constantly been goading you out of your limitation. And the only necessity there is, is for you to start actively listening. The moment you begin to listen, you are not energizing your defenses against your Awakening. You become in harmony with your Being. You can see in this way, that each one of you is your own savior. That which you Divinely are, is what will save you from what you think you are. Do not look outside yourself. And when you think of the Holy Spirit, no longer think of it as a part of the Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, as though it were in some way Divinely separate from you, but available to you, to help you in your piteous trek to spirituality. This Holy spirit is your disowned Self, your rejected Self, which your ego sense has rejected. It is YOU that you are listening to, and the Holy Spirit's perfect wisdom is Your wisdom. And when you own it, when you allow it, then you discover that you are the Son that you had thought of as part of the Trinity. And you will discover that the Son is the Father in expression. Absolute Unity, Oneness, Indivisibility and therefore the total absence of conflict. And you won't even talk about the Father and the Son, you will just be what you are and what you are is just the Father Being All.  (G-1986G/R-111) through (G-1986G/R-112)

Raj Excerpt -- Montpelier, Vermont -- 1989

Now I have said that your body is the visibility and tangibility of the presence of your individuality. The body of the Earth, the planet itself is the visibility and tangibility of the Movement of the Father. It therefore constitutes some part of your infinite body. It is some aspect of the infinitude of yourself. And if you are raping it, if you are scarring it, if you are polluting it, you are unconsciously engaged in self-denial, you are expressing your ignorance of your oneness with it all. And thus, you are denying yourself the opportunity to find God in you and God in your world. But you say, "I have heard that the world is an illusion. And I've heard that my body is an illusion." Well, a polluted world, and a body capable of dying is an illusion. It is a deluded perception of something Real. And I affirm again, and again, and again that the necessity is for each of you to begin to be curious to see the evidence of the Presence of the Father in each and every thing you see. That is love, the willingness to recognize that which is Real, with a capital "R", in each and every thing. That is what will cut through the deluded perception and leave your sight free to experience the Reality and divine meaning of each and every manifestation of the Father. And by comparison you will say that what you were experiencing was an illusion, but what you must understand is that it is a deluded perception of something Real right where the illusion seems to be, right there is the Reality.  (G-1989G/R-401) through (G-1989G/R-403)

Raj Excerpt -- Carmel, California -- 1990

You see, this undoing [of ego and separation] is not a trek home to the Kingdom of Heaven somewhere in the distance. It is rather, an inner process of letting go of ignorance that allows you to experience Truly. And there isn't any distance to it. It involves a time of being intimate with You. With a confidence that, in being intimate, you reduce the sense of separation, not only from God, but from the Christ of you that You are. What is Home? It is the Kingdom of Heaven. It is Reality. But what is Reality? It is You being the conscious experience of Being that is absolutely integrated. Integrated in the sense of no little speck of it being fragmented away. Where you discover the integrity of You to mean the inseparable oneness, the inseparable wholeness of being conscious of All That Is without any sense of separateness from it. I have said before, that all of you are sitting in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven with your eyes all squinched up saying, "I cannot see the perfection." The Kingdom of Heaven is within You. The Kingdom of Heaven is You. You are, at the bottom line, that capital "M" Mind which is the Infinite Mind that is God, which is incapable of being divided, but which, nevertheless, is Infinitely Self-expressed. And, therefore, there is, right here, a small part of the Infinite expression of the Father, called Man. But Man is not body. Man is Mind.  (G-1990C/R-54) through (G-1990C/R-56)

Raj Excerpt -- Issaquah, Washington -- 1990

Oneness... The experience of oneness starts within you and grows so that it embraces all. I encourage you to continue to desire the experience of unconditional oneness. But instead of embracing everyone out there in your world and drawing them into your circle, unconditionally go within. Because the oneness is already a fact, you do not have to create it by inviting everyone in. And the fact of it becomes apparent when you connect undefendedly with yourself within. And that's when the oneness that is all-inclusive becomes apparent. Then you do not go out and gather everyone in, because they're already in. And because you are feeling your wholeness, you are in a state of equilibrium that allows you with balance, and with a certain artistry, to be able to express yourself without confirming their ego sense, and with an obvious confirmation of their divinity so that transformation can occur. But in that process you do not accept and validate behavior that doesn't express their divinity.

Remember you are not here to be a doormat. You are not here to sacrifice your simple intelligence in favor of unconditional defenselessness. And if you want authority for that, remember me [Jesus] and the moneychangers. And if you want further confirmation, remember me and the diseases and the "devils" that I dismissed. This dismissal was a result of the capacity to discern between Truth and illusion, and not validate illusion. But, also, the refusal to not validate illusion did not involve emotional reaction. When you are in your clarity, that which is illusion is absolutely ridiculous, and it doesn't require a strong, emotional, forceful dismissal. I was not angry when I overturned the moneychangers' tables. I was simply appropriate (G-1990F/R-93) through (G-1990F/R-96)

Raj Excerpt -- Issaquah, Washington -- 1990

Love yourself, love your fellowman, love your planet and learn to be willing to fit in. Learn to be so unspecial that you can really feel your oneness with your fellowman, right straight through from whatever level of ignorance and incompetence you might be feeling now, to the full revelation and experience of your absolutely competent wholeness. It might be insulting to your ego to acknowledge that you're in the same rotten place that the guy next to you is. But I'll tell you that when you don't have to put up the front anymore, it becomes possible for you to say, "I'm in a lousy position, but you know I know I'm worthwhile." And the person next to you will say, "Boy, you know I'm in a lousy position and I know I'm worthwhile. It's the shits, isn't it?" Ah, and now you are together. And you are together in an acknowledgment that things are not so hot, but that somehow it doesn't make a statement about you -- either of you. And there is a beginning of awareness of oneness with a positive sense, a divine sense.  (G-1990F/R-550) through (G-1990F/R-551)

Raj Excerpt -- Princeville, Hawaii -- August 1991

Communion does not move from one place to another. Communion is the experience of infinity, from infinity -- not a point in infinity. Communion is the experience of oneness. Therefore, when you open up to your Guide, when you open up to the Holy Spirit, when you open up to me or the Father, you are not engaging in communication. You are opening yourself up to and allowing for the experience of communion -- union, unity, oneness, indivisibility. And only those who are Awake experiencing that Union without distortion of any kind are able to respond to and connect with you. Those who are still asleep are as blocked as you are in terms of connecting.  (G-1991A/R-649)

Raj Excerpt -- Boston, Massachusetts -- 1992

Unity does not mean harmony of an infinite number of isolated units that somehow are not conflicting with each other. Harmony is the conscious experience of Oneness that involves your willingness to be in total participation with every other individuality that exists with absolute defenselessness and therefore without fear. But you know what? It's going to start in very real ways, right here in River City, right here in Boston, right here in Philadelphia, right here in Los Angeles, right here in Russia, etc., with Real people. You. Me [Jesus].  (G-1992E/R-83)

Raj Excerpt -- RAJ NEWSLETTER Volume 1 Number 3 -- January 1984

RAJ: To begin with, I [Jesus] see you as You Are, which is very much like myself, but which is very different from the way you see yourself. I also see how you appear to be to yourself. And, in effect, in speaking with you, I am attempting to reconcile the difference between Who and What you actually Are, and who and what you appear to be to yourself. Because, it is the narrowed conceptualization of yourself, which you identify as "you," that gets in the way of your experiencing the Oneness and Harmony of your total Being, which includes your world.  (N-0103/R-4)

Raj Excerpt -- RAJ NEWSLETTER Volume 1 Number 3 -- January 1984

So, what replaces [the ego's sense of] "fun"? The answer is Satisfaction, and a Joy which arises out of the confidence inherent in experiencing the Fact that there is a Oneness to everything, and which arises out of the experience of finding that everything in your universe is at One with you. That, it is some part of the Wholeness and Completeness of your Being. That, at the level of your Being, You are in no way separated from all that is meant by the word "God." There is no separation from all that is meant by "the Universe." That, at the level of your Being, the divinity of your life is the atmosphere and substance of everything that is unfolding. And that, indeed, this world that you are walking in blindly (blind to its Oneness) and dreaming that it is constituted of infinite separateness, is indeed, embraced in that divinity. And therefore, ALL OF IT is the manifestation and identification, or visibility and tangibility of that divine process which You Are.  (N-0103/R-45)

Raj Excerpt -- RAJ NEWSLETTER Volume 4 Number 3 -- March 1987

You are Consciousness. YOU [in Reality] are not a [physical/material] body. As you begin to yield up the very firm beliefs that you have gathered from the five physical senses that tell you that you are a body, and you begin more and more, through your practice of meditation, to experience Yourself as the Awareness, the unlimited or infinite mental context in which the experience of form is going on, you will begin to find that you will identify yourself less and less with this specific form that has two arms, two legs, a torso, and a head. And you will begin to experience your Oneness with all other forms, as well. You will be able to experience yourself as Consciousness in the sunset, as the tree outside your door, in the water, in the air -- in everything. You will begin to experience your inseparable Oneness.  (N-0403/R-59)


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