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Raj Excerpt -- Kingston, Washington -- June 19, 2004

QUESTION: You say the path is not important; that one way or another, we will discover and recognize Truth, with a capital "T". Can this include even Pain (with a capital "P") as a Path (with a capital "P")? Hard to accept. Thank you.

RAJ: I cannot say this strongly enough. Absolutely not. Very simply, pain is the experience of being off the path. You can use it as a guideline, but don't value it in itself.

God is Love. Coming Home is not accomplished through a technique called pain. And the Father does not use pain to get your attention or to motivate you.

Let me put it this way, and I've used the illustration before. Imagine that you have a huge elastic rubber band attached to your waist. The other end of the rubber band is attached to the Movement of Being. And if you flow with the Movement of Being, there's never any tension on the rubber band. But if you decide that you want to dally a little while in the Movement of Creation that you were just experiencing, and you dig in your heels and try to stand still, the tension will increase. And the stronger it gets, the more uncomfortable you will become. Why? Because you are being at odds with the Movement of Being. Now, this is a very precise example.

Why would you choose pain as a path? It would mean that you would constantly be digging your heels so that you could get to the point where the tension was so great that you had to face facts and grow or move. You would have to create the circumstance. You see?

God doesn't suddenly make your feet 10 pound or 100 pound blocks of concrete that you can't lift up so that you can't walk, so that the tension will build. You, each of you, have to dig in your own heels.

What's the learning you would get from choosing that as path and doing it over and over and over? Well, the learning would eventually be that it's a stupid waste of time. And that the rubber band won't break. And you will not be able to manage to become independent from the Movement of Being.

Pain is an illegitimate experience for you, or for a Son or Daughter of God. Pain is an illegitimate experience for the manifestation of God. It is an illusion. Don't choose an illusion for a path.

Write that down on your refrigerator: "Don't choose illusion for a path."

I [Jesus] could say more, but you've got the idea. At the bottom line, the experience of pain means only that you are currently in a state of resisting your Good. And that is all. That places the responsibility where it is, and it empowers you by letting you see that it's something you're doing and not something that's being done to you.

(G-2004C/Q-92) through (G-2004C/R-101)


Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-03-20

RAJ: [By recognizing the insanity of the ego] you have opened the door to Sanity. When you recognize that it's a fear-based thought which you can identify as the ego, then you have the option available to you because you're conscious enough of it to ask, "Father, what's the Real Meaning here? What's really going on? What would be a True response?" You see? And then you listen [to the Answer]. And then when you hear, and there is a sudden shift of perception, then you are no longer confused. Illumination has happened and, for lack of better words, I will say you are more Awake because you are no longer subject to being sucked into believing and committing yourself to that particular ego, fear-based thought. You see?  (C-030320/R-107)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-06-29

Spend less time wondering, "Am I doing the right thing or the wrong thing? Is what I'm doing willful or is it not willful?", and be in that [Now] moment with what you are doing with the desire to see God in it and to feel the Movement of God in it so that you might be flowing perfectly with it [the Movement]. And when it's time to be through, you will find yourself moved out into the next Movement of Fulfillment. The ego is all about measuring sticks [definitions, standards, judgments, rules, etc]. I used the word "infrastructure" today, the [ego's] mutually-agreed-upon definitions which constitute rules, rules of perception. When you find yourself consumed with various kinds of measuring sticks, realize that the call is not for continuing to measure this against that, but to turn back to that Place in you where you can feel the Movement and feel being on the beam [the Homing beacon]. Because your desire is to be in harmony with God. It is not your desire to be right versus wrong. You see?  (C-030629/R-118) through (C-030629/R-119)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-07-20

RAJ: If you happen to run into someone you haven't seen since you were teenagers, you have no means to connect with them except in terms of the way you last knew them. In fact you might remember quite well some unkind thing that was done, or a way of behavior that was peculiar to that person at that time, and your assumption will be that that is the way they are now, and you will relate to them first on the basis of how you last knew them.  Now, that is a perception that you have in your mind, a picture you have in your mind, and so in spite of the fact that over the years they may have grown and developed and be quite different, you will be relating to an ego you have made-up about that person. And you may have awkward moments as you are confronted with who that one is now and have to adjust your perception. You see. So, you [also] have a [perceptual] picture of yourself, a concept of yourself, a definition of yourself, and you have a concept of everyone else. And then you deal with this someone else on the basis of your perception rather than a real connection with them. It's that simple.  (C-030720/R-27) through (C-030720/R-28)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-02-08

RAJ READING ACIM TEXT: …the ego turns to the body, NOT the mind, as its ally because the body is NOT part of you. (H-#140)

RAJ: What is turning to the body to get as an ally? The ego. Is the ego perceiving anything truly? [NO!] So what is this "body" that it's turning to? The Visibility and Tangibility of your Individuality which is Divine, the Manifestation of God right where you are? Do you think that is what the ego is turning toward for an ally? No. The ego is nothing more than something, which doesn't exist actually, seeing all of the Kingdom of Heaven as it chooses to define the Kingdom of Heaven. The ego is turning to its [false] perception of the Visibility and Tangibility of You, with a capital Y.  It's not turning to [body as] the Visibility and Tangibility of You, with a capital Y, and looking for an ally there [in the Visibility and Tangibility of You]. You see what I'm saying? The ego is turning to a misperception of the Presence of God called You.

And naturally, the ego's misperception of What You Truly Are is not part of you. This does not mean that there is no body. If you misunderstand this, you can get into a self-defeating and destructive state of mind in which you begin to deny your body, not understanding that what it [the ACIM TEXT] said was that the ego turns to its misperception, to its misperception of That Which Identifies You Truly.

And if [on such a misunderstanding of ACIM] you begin to discount and deny your body on the basis that it is a pure illusion, that demeaning attitude will begin to be reflected as an increased defensive attitude in your [egoic] mind in which you are constantly on guard against your body, and therefore constantly sending out messengers of hate, messengers of distrust, to that which is the Visibility and Tangibility of your Divine Individuality. It will put you in a state of self-denial that will, as we said last week, hurt, hurt, hurt, and it will block healing, healing, healing. It's very important to understand this.  (C-040208/B-43) through (C-040208/R-46)


Raj Excerpt -- Book: Graduation

You will remember [Paul] that I [Jesus] have indicated that coming Home is a matter of retracing one's steps away from the Conscious experience of Being, of Home. So, do not be surprised that this essential issue of overcoming -- the challenge of overcoming and the potential for success at overcoming from your tiny, vulnerable, separated [ego] standpoint -- will have to be moved through, rather than engaged. Then you will find yourself at the point of letting in your infiniteness as replacement for the sense of tininess and vulnerability that constitutes the first experience of the three-dimensional frame of reference, and therefore the last experience of the three-dimensional frame of reference. But, you are going to have to remain with me. You are going to have to maintain the idea of being Here with me and not actually in the events that seem to be transpiring on a finite and polarized basis.

You see, in the final analysis it is the choice for Peace that constitutes the release of the choice for conflict, and therefore the relinquishment of the validation of polarization. Polarization disappears in the experience of Peace, as you already know from your practice of meditation. Therefore, when you are choosing for anything other than your Peace, you are choosing for polarity, conflict. You are being sucked into the apparently valid but totally illusory aspects of a limited frame of reference, and you become entrapped. You become entrapped in a state of Self-denial, and you become entrapped in an act of the denial of Reality, the denial of God.

So, you say, "Why isn't unity with God more dynamically interesting? Why doesn't it arouse great fervor and motivation for following through to that moment of Joining?" And the answer is, because it does not involve the elements of overcoming, and therefore, the potential for ego satisfaction--the supposed substantiation and validation of the ego as a real presence. Of course, the ego's polarized sense of Reality and the potential for success at validating itself never ever has come to completion, because it is illusory. But, still, by virtue of the polarized dynamics, it does seem to represent a more real opportunity than union with God does.

PAUL: So, you are saying, then, that the process of Awakening is not necessarily going to be exciting and full of, let us say, religious fervor?

RAJ: No, Paul, it will be the most calm, quiet, natural, effortless, smooth shift of awareness that you can imagine.

PAUL: Why would anyone choose for that, if there is no gold star, no promise of fulfillment?

RAJ: Indeed, that is a good question, Paul. You notice there haven't been any advertisements lately on the television saying, "Come to the Kingdom of Heaven!" "Enjoy Eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven!" No promises of special rates. No promises of special deals. No promises of anything out of the ordinary. Why do you think that is?   (B-GRAD/R-318) through (B-GRAD/R-324)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-06-08

There is another aspect I [Jesus] will go into and that is when we speak of energy, like light from the sun, or energy like electricity, you cannot say that electricity is the Energy of Spirit. It is a modified experience of Spirit. And it is a material experience of it. And the way you can know is that it has polarities. Spirit is not polarized. The Energy of Spirit which is Love is Pure, purely single. It therefore does not have the capacity to kill. The energy of the sun, light can seem to damage your skin, and, after all of these centuries of everyone thriving under the sun wearing no clothes whatsoever, now, suddenly, the sun can cause cancer. Interesting shift of belief. And everybody buys into it. This energy that can seem to cause cancer and damage things is not the Energy of Spirit. It's not the Energy of Love that is Light. And you need to be clear on that.

Whatever has polarities is something you are seeing independent of the Father. It is the way you are perceiving the only Energy there is when your back is to the Altar. And absolutely everything you see with your back to the Altar will be polarized. And why will it be polarized? It will be polarized because you're attempting to do something impossible. And you're believing that you're succeeding at it. And so you are in error, and that error will be reflected in absolutely every part of Creation that you're experiencing. It is like putting on a pair of polarized glasses. It doesn't change anything you're looking at, but it causes you to perceive everything different from what it is.

So, again, I encourage you all to have fun consciously approaching everything that you run into with the remembrance that there's not a bit of matter there. And because there's not a bit of matter there, what you're seeing is incapable of operating at odds with the Function that has brought forth, or the Movement of Creation that has brought forth, or the Idea of God that spontaneously brings into manifestation the visibility and tangibility of the Idea. And therefore, this so-called material universe isn't a material universe and you cannot possibly be in bondage to it.   (C-030608/R-60) through (C-030608/R-62)


Raj Excerpt -- Book: Graduation

RAJ: Paul, I [Jesus] am aware that there is a great deal of fear. But I would point out that you are looking at the hole instead of the doughnut. I would encourage you to remember that we are talking about coming Home. We are talking about you coming into the clearer experience of Who You Are. We are talking about the experience of fearless Integrity. We are talking about Wholeness. We are talking about Presence -- not finite, separated presence, but inclusive Presence, embracing Presence. We are talking about you being more You than you have ever experienced yourself to be before. We are talking about a Peace experienced inescapably as the very Nature of You, which causes the apparent need for defense to be so totally ridiculous as to not deserve a moment of your attention.   (B-GRAD/R-337)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2002-09-04

But I [Jesus] promise you one thing. We can't override your will. We can encourage you to lessen the intensity with which you exercise it. You will never be overwhelmed with your Divinity. But, it's absolutely essential that someone encourage you firmly and consistently and repetitively to dare to entrust yourself to the Love that's behind the membrane. Else you would go on indefinitely keeping yourself protected against it, and therefore against your Conscious Experience of your Wholeness and the Harmony and the Beauty and the Bliss of the Totality of Being, of All of Creation.

When that uncontrollable, humungous Presence of Love… it may come out in a gush, but the stream will slow down once it's not having to move against the pressure of your resistance, and there will be such Order and such Harmony that it will be awesome. Or let's put it this way. It would be awesome if it weren't for the fact that in the experience of it, you'll say, "Ah. Yeah. This is me. This is who I've always been. I'm at Home. I'm not at odds with myself anymore. I'm not at odds with my world anymore. Everywhere I look I see me. Everywhere I look I see my Wholeness. My Brothers and my Sisters and all of God's Creation really is some part of me. It's the Infinitude of the Totality of What I Am because I am the Totality of What God Is, because in God expressing Himself He held nothing back. And so All Of What God Is is What I Am."

Well, it really isn't chaos that you're afraid of. It is really the fear of the loss of control. Because control is what the ego sense of self has used to ensure that its insane frame of mind cannot be violated.   (C-020904/R-213) through (C-020904/R-215)


Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-08-03

Now, doing this is the first step, the pushing and the causing to fall of the first domino. Because when you Love from this Place of Unconflicted Love, it is felt by others. And whether they can put their finger on it or not, something has changed in their life. And they can't ever be quite as covered up again. And so you become an agent for change, if you will. Change of what? Change of the minds, the hearts, you might say, of your Brothers and Sisters.

The need is to get back to Unconflicted Love. It's your Birthright. And you know what else? It is your Joy to Experience because in the Experience of it you discover again that this is your Function, this is your Purpose. It is not why you are here. It is why you exist, period! And if it is your Function, that is Who You Are. Who You Are Is Love. What You Are Is Love.

This is why you keep hearing the simplicity. Love one another. Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you. If you would like them to come from the Place of Excellence in Themselves, that which reflects God in them, then you come from the Place of Excellence in You, that Place Where God Is in You. Love one another. As I have loved you, love one another. Love is the answer. It's an age-old song, shall I say, an age-old melody, an age-old theme.   (C-030803/R-123) through (C-030803/R-125)


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