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Raj Excerpt -- Princeville, Hawaii -- February 1994

Questioner: So this was good. But my question really is what is it that when there is evidence of healing almost effortlessly, or even unasked for, when with your whole heart's desire you are reaching out to God for healing....

Now this is my question: I would like you in your role as Jesus, who came to raise our thought, our level of thought, and to make us aware of God's Love, and the ability to heal, as you did -- you raised the lame man, you healed the leper, you raised Lazarus, as well as others who had social problems, to give us some enlightenment on that point?

RAJ: One of the aspects of your question has to do with the authority issue, because it is obvious from what you read in the Bible that I [Jesus] expressed authority over the human condition, whether it was of physical bodies, whether it was of the ocean, whether it was the laws of gravity. "And the word was spoken, and it was done." No process. "The Word of God is quick and powerful, and mightier than a two-edged sword," and that is what was being demonstrated.

But, it was being demonstrated in a different time and place. No, it was being demonstrated in a different frame of mind. You might say, "the frame of mind of the time" -- a time when people were not even sure how many gods there were, or what God was really like. It was a time when sacrifices were made as an appeasement to God, or to the gods. There was not even a clarity about the singularity of God.

True, there was a history available, at least to the Jews, wherein the singularity of God was already an acknowledged fact. But the Gentiles had no such assurance, confidence, or even conception, much less that this singular God was omnipotent. It is an easy concept today for most, even though you might say there is a waning belief in God, the belief is a belief of singularity of the Godhead. But this was not the common sense of God that people had in common.

And so, the function of the Christ then was to anchor, if you will, the awareness of the singularity of God, the omnipotence and relevance of God to them in their daily lives. And as has since been said, "one with God is a majority." And therefore, they did not have to continue seeming to be the innocent victims of gods whom they could appease through certain process such as sacrifices. The function was different then of the Christ than it is today of the Christ, because of the frame of the mind of the time now.

We have spoken at some length here about the authority issue. This is not the time for embodying the authority of God as an expressed authority of each of you, or any of you. The point of spiritual growth that mankind is at, at this moment, even in the level of ignorance that everyone is embodying... let's put it this way: it is a much higher level of ignorance than it was 2,000 years ago. It is a different ignorance. And so, the truth that corrects it is different.

There is someone in the room who asked some years ago about the statement, my statement that, "if ye have the faith of a grain of mustard seed, you can say unto this mountain, 'get thee hence,' and the mountain will move." And I told him, "You can't move a mountain that isn't already moving" -- meaning what I shared earlier this morning when I used the illustration of the kayak being let down into the river. You cannot desire, and participate in co-creation of that desire, if you haven't yielded into the Movement that is already occurring.

The false sense of authority has become very strong in terms of the ego. And it is utilizing all of the modern spiritual teachings called "metaphysics" to exercise this authority in the name of God without consulting God; you see--without yielding into the Movement.

And so, I am not, generally speaking, telling anyone to say to this disease or that disease, "get thee hence!" and assert a divine authority that they have. Because I will tell you something: Everyone is closer to Home today! Closer to that point of becoming fully realized than was the case 2,000 years ago. And, you are getting close to retracing the first step away from Home, which was an assertion of independence. And the undoing, the specific undoing of that assertion of independence is succumbing to, yielding to the Father's Will once again -- willingly. Not as a means of exercising authority to get through the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven, but as a means of abandoning a private intent, so that in its place the Intent of God can register, be felt as the impulse, as I said, and carry you into your Sanity.

Whether this seems reasonable, and whether anyone likes it or not, especially those who are currently practicing one form or another of metaphysics, it is the truth. And I'm not hanging crepe here. I'm telling you the truth, even though it might seem that I am putting a negative into the air that will be a self-fulfilling negative prophecy.

I will tell you, if I did not say it, it would happen anyway. And so, I am telling you so that you will not be surprised, and so that when you find out that you're on a road that has a dead end, you can turn around rather than going all the way to the dead end and then turning around.

The conscious practice of authority over the world, the conscious practice of claiming your dominion over the world through metaphysical steps, is beginning to fail, and will continue to increasingly fail. Why? Because you've already learned from it what you were meant to learn from it.

First, everyone had to learn that there was a singular God -- not gods many, not gods in the trees, and not gods in the lakes, etc., not gods in the animals -- but a singular all-inclusive infinite intelligence that was Love, the Movement of which constituted Creation, and there were no other gods beside God. You see? That's the singularity.

Then, you needed to know that this God was relevant. This is in the "evolution of conscious awareness." I'm putting it in quotes because this movement is an accommodation to the fact that everyone has chosen to have a biased perception of the Kingdom of Heaven. So there is going to appear to be a moving away from clarity and a return to clarity, even though all that happened within it never happened. So I am speaking in terms of accommodations here, so that there is an understanding of the seeming departure and return of the Prodigal Sons and Daughters.

So I came along demonstrating the pertinence, the relevance of God to the here and now. And when I said the Word, the Word was done. And the people experienced the relevance. It wasn't a head trip. They saw this lame man that they had seen for years--they knew him the moment he was born -- and they saw him healed. This was an experience of the Presence and the Power of God, and the practice or exercise of a dominion over all the earth that God gave man.

It was still an accommodation. It addressed the mind in its frame of reference at the moment. And it was essential to do this in order to educate the mind -- begin the educative process out of its beliefs.

And what else? I said, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father." My disciples knew that when I said that, the same truth was true about them. If you have seen each other, you have seen the Father.

You see the Father, as opposed to being a singular God, as opposed to multiple gods, was being presented as also a God of Love and not a God of wrath. This was new. A God of relevance that one did not need to be afraid of. A God who was on your side, whom you could call upon. It was the language of that day in which the ideas that I have expressed here were brought out that you have a powerful ally, a powerful companion with you in unity. It was impossible at that time for the imminence of God to be fully expressed, because of the fact that there hadn't even yet fully registered the fact that there was a singular God, whether imminent or not.

It fulfilled purpose for healings to occur--instantaneous healings demonstrating the relevance in the moment, and the power in the moment, of God.

In a way, everything that was said was in code. That's what I mean by "accommodations." You understand that the parables were the Truth coded in language that could be grasped. Even today, I am speaking in codes -- symbols that elicit, trigger realization so that you might arrive at a point of this commitment to trust what we were talking about, which was the same motive then. It's always the same function of the Christ no matter what the words are.

So, there has been this development. And metaphysics came into the picture 150 years ago. And what it did was to uncover just how close the imminence of God was. Because God as the infinite Mind, everyone could connect with themselves as mind, and they could grasp that perhaps what was fouling everything up was the thinking they were indulging in that God never did indulge in. And so, everyone learned that if they thought clearly and intelligently, it made a difference in their lives; a demonstrable difference. But this was still an accommodation.

Why did everyone need to learn that? Not that everyone has, but why did everyone who was ready for it need to learn it? They needed to learn it so that they could at an experiential level see that intelligence embodied with clarity at the level of consciousness had a direct and beneficial effect.

Why is that important? Well, if the next step is for you to yield into the infinite Mind that is God, where are you going to get the courage to do it if your concept of God is one of a loving and wrathful God, one who by grace, occasionally, not very often, but by grace blesses you, and at other times inflicts suffering upon you, for your growth! That's the absurd lie or assumption that has come out of the fearful ego place.

It really is only when you arrive at a point where you understand not only the singularity of God, but the fact that God is the infinite Mind, which it's very easy for you to conceive is able to be filled with all the conscious experiences that are available, no matter how it looks. It's only in that awareness of God that you could identify yourself, and then as a result of your experience of seeing the result of clear intelligent thinking, it's only as a result of that experience that you could dare to abandon your clear correct thinking, or assertion of authority, mentally speaking, and yield into the infinite Mind that God is, which is really your Right Mind, your Home.

You had to know the nature and character of God by demonstration so that you could arrive at the point of abandoning demonstrating it, and yielding into it with trust. And to continue to be able to seem to express authority over, or dominion over, the world, authority over diseases, by continuing to be able to exercise that you would not arrive at the significant point of abandoning the separated sense of self that up to now was what was exercising the authority, and thereby embodying the truth of God.

Now I have not said embrace disease. The other day someone asked, and I said, "No, you do not love your problems, and you do not love your illnesses." Indeed, you recognize them to be illegitimate impositions upon the Son of God, but you don't then do something highly metaphysical with a sense of authority coming from your present sense of yourself to get rid of it. You recognize that it is an illegitimate imposition upon the Son of God, and then you get into that place where the Son of God (that you Are) is able to register with you -- because you are not claiming a separate private vantage point from which to reflect God authoritatively! You see?

So you do not agree with that which is illegitimate and doesn't reflect God. You disagree with it. But not with fear. You just recognize that it doesn't fit, and therefore it must be an illusion. And then, as I said, you let yourself into that place where you have the capacity to recognize the Real Meaning that is the Presence of God in that place, and you will see healing. Not because of any authority you have exercised, but because there is really nothing going on there requiring authority to get rid of it. And so, you yield into that place where your awareness of God's perfection is apparent to you because you have abandoned a separate vantage point, viewing place, and you are willing to let God's View fill you and be you in your Right Mind.

This is very important, and I'm very glad you have asked the question. Because "the times they are a changing." Which really means the mental frame of reference is a changing. It's not as dense as it was. And it's not as elementary as it was, so that one must speak in parables of great simplicity such as I had to 2,000 years ago.

Yes, I do speak in parables today. And I must do it so that what I say relates to your present experience of yourself, but also releases you from it more quickly, with less process to it. It is much easier today, I promise you. The truth does not have to be as hidden in order for it to be able to be said without being totally rejected.

I thank you again for the question, and everyone who will have the opportunity to hear the answer will say thank you also.

RAJ: As an addendum to the answer that I was giving before we broke for lunch, I will add this: During the latter days of my life 2,000 years ago, I made the following statement, "The works that I do shall ye do also, and greater works than these, because I go unto the Father." It is an interesting statement is it not?

I want you to be aware that besides the teaching about God that my life embodied, and the teaching about who man really is, which my life embodied, my life itself illustrates the movement of everyone's process of Awakening. My statement referred to the works that I had done -- the healing, the instantaneous healing, the giving of the Word that was immediately manifest. It is the last part of the phrase that none of you truly understand. It is the first part of the phrase that has strengthened you in the metaphysical aspect of your development.

"The works that I do shall ye do also, and greater works than these, because I go unto the Father."

What have we been talking about all of these three days? We have been talking about "going unto the Father." That is what "going into the silence" means. Because I, shall I say, went unto the Father and stayed there, and anchored in human consciousness, by so doing, everything that my life had embodied, everyone had the clearer opportunity to say the word and have it be so, as expression of transformational love called healing. But, everyone must, as I indicated, arrive at the point where they stop "giving the word" from the point of their present sense of themselves and also go unto the Father. That is the significance of that statement. And that is where everyone is now, because that's the last step Home that undoes the separation from the Father.

It literally is almost possible for us to say to you all, "Welcome Home!" And we are encouraging those who are still intent upon doing the "works" and the "greater works" to not persist overly long in that stage of their growth, but to let it go. Willingly let it go in favor of going unto the Father.

You see, all Paul is doing is "not blocking the door." In Psalms, in the Bible, it says, "Lift up your heads, all ye gates and doors," you are the place where God shines through. That is the function of the Son or Daughter of God. And so, when any of you goes within to listen, you are being willing to stand as the Door.

I am standing as the Door, also, with Paul. And it is the Father you hear. And it is the Father you see when you look at Paul when he is standing as the Door. And it is the Father you see when you look at each other, whether you are standing as the Doors or not. But when you are standing as the Doors, the Presence of the Father is what is there to be experienced.

When you "go to the Father," you come Home to Who and What You Are. And Who and What You Are is the Father being the conscious Individuality that You Are. And although the words I have to use speak of the Father and What You Are -- which sounds like "two" -- the experience is an inseparable experience of Unity which has not caused any loss of identity, except that that word "identity" now has an infinitely new Meaning -- God.

It's not the word "God" that you are. It's the Movement, the conscious experience of the Movement of God that is You. It is You at this moment. You won't graduate into bigness from smallness. You will just discover that the smallness that you thought was real was an illusion. And that will uncover the bigness of you, the wholeness of you that you have always been.

So, mankind, as a whole, is at the experiential point of "going to the Father." Why? Why, when you may not be consciously choosing it with commitment? Because there are too few of you committed to dreams to give enough substance to the dreams that the dreams will hold together. And the dreams are losing integrity because of the lack of commitment within the whole Brotherhood to dreams.

And so, literally -- and perhaps exasperatingly -- like the laborers in the vineyard, the Johnny-come-lately's will wake up along with you, who came early in the morning and labored relative to your Awakening, because there is not enough commitment within the Brotherhood as a whole, there are not enough dreaming dreams with commitment to the dreams to create a sense of integrity to the dream state.

So, what I am sharing with you, and have been sharing with you, is not only that which will help further the breakup of the dreams, but it is also to promote a conscious choice on your part to participate in waking up with conscious volition--by choice--even though the choice, as we have said, involves choosing not to use your will. It is a choice to consciously give up "choices" arrived at from the standpoint of your best reasoning and thinking.

So, it is a marvelous time you live in. Not at all like the time 2,000 years ago. And what the Christ says to one who is very close to Awakening is very different from one who is just barely stirring from their dream.

I'm going to take this opportunity, it does not address an issue that any of you have presented here, but it does address an issue that is presenting itself in the world, especially with regard to A Course in Miracles.

The suggestion is being made that A Course in Miracles is a divine event in the world--a penetration of the dream--that is absolutely unique, relative to nothing else. Even though it is obvious that I am the author from reading it, it is now being suggested that the Jesus of the Course is irreconcilable with the Jesus of the Bible. And I would ask you: "If they are irreconcilable, then why wasn't the Jesus of the Course called Henrietta? Why is there any reference at all to Jesus? Why, in the Course, did I make reference to my disciples or things that I said that are in the Bible?" The reason is because there is a relationship between the Jesus of the Course and the Jesus of the Bible. And the correspondence establishes, what I'm going to call, the chain of real Being that unites the centuries. In other words, the belief of time in the design of God -- a design that is from outside of time.

No matter how well-intentioned the attempt is -- because of the great love for the Course that exists in the ones making this suggestion -- it is unintelligent to try and make the Christ who spoke relative to the deep sleep that everyone was in 2,000 years ago and the same Christ who speaks to those just about to enter Home today… it is essential for all of you to know that there is a relevance, a continuity of the design of God -- no matter how much that unitary, unified design of God seems to have been broken up in your consciousness into lifetimes that seem to be absolutely disconnected.

I say this because, as we discussed in the last two days, one can, through the use of logic and reason, arrive at a provable postulate that you don't exist. It isn't true, but you can reason your very existence away! And such an exercise is not only useless, it is demoralizing, depressing, and creates for the one who embraces it, misery. And that is not the sign or the evidence of Truth.

What makes A Course in Miracles meaningful is that, indeed, it unites the Christ of the Course with the Christ of the Bible, embodying and establishing the unity, the uninterruptible unity of the Presence of God, and the intent of Those of the Brotherhood Who are Awake to reflect God's Will and stand ready to be the Presence of Love that supports each of you as you begin to stir -- and wish so dearly that you could push a divine snooze button and get ten more minutes sleep, ten more minutes of dreams -- those who will stand there encouraging you, whatever little willingness you bring to Awakening, and support you in actually rousing totally!

It is the fact that the Christ of the Bible and the Christ of the Course are the same Christ that makes the Course of value; it is not creating a concept of the Course as a special instance of divine intervention that has nothing to do with anything else that makes it important, or meaningful, or significant.

Any book, any book that is written that supports your becoming a fully realized Christ, the fully realized Son or Daughter of God, is valuable. But one that triggers in you the awareness that the Christ has been an ever-present Presence in the dream, in the human experience, with the absolute continuity which illustrates the grand design of God as a Fact that has never changed, that is real significance! Anyone may believe whatever they want to believe. You do not have to believe me. But I am telling you the truth. That's the end of the comments.   (G-1994A/Q-645) through (G-1994A/R-695)

QUIET (And more on GUIDES)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2005-10-02

RAJ: You're not feeling well and somebody says, "Well, what were you thinking? What was your attitude before you started not feeling well? You're responsible for what you are experiencing. What were you thinking? Well, what caused you to think that? Why were you thinking that?" -- and getting all of the little details so as to have an understanding of the process by which this one arrived at a point of not feeling well. Why? So that a process of healing might be arrived at that can be used again in the future and thereby assure control so that one won't have to go through the problem again.

But the Holy Spirit would say, "Aside from what you were thinking, aside from what events happened, are you not the Son of God? Are you not God's Daughter? Aside from what you think has happened and what seems to justify your condition, are you not the manifestation, the visibility and tangibility of Love -- God's Love in His Self-Expressing right there where you are? Do you realize how loved you are? Will you open up to the experience of Love that not only surrounds you, but constitutes the essence of every little aspect of you. Every molecule, every atom, every movement of energy in what you would call your body, is the Presence and Movement of Love illuminating everything. You are the Energy of Love. The Energy of Love is all there of you. Will you take some time right now to let that experience in?" You see? "You don't need to defend yourself against anything. You don't need to defend yourself against your thoughts. You don't need to defend yourself at all, because you are safely held in the arms of God because you are the embodiment of God Himself, and nothing else." You see, the Holy Spirit accepts what's true of you and reflects what's true of you back to you so that you might consider what's true of you without analysis, so that you might be able to quiet your fear enough to let the experience of Love that is you and is around you in. It invites you into a wholeness, not into bits and pieces and parts. It moves your mind into a Singularity which is perfectly in harmony with God. It invites you to accept, rather than analyze your best beliefs about yourself.   (C-051002/R-21) through (C-051002/R-22)

Raj Excerpt -- Carmel, California--1990  [GUIDES]

Now, there are literally, four simple steps to get in touch with your Guide, to get in touch with the Holy Spirit, to get in touch with the Father, to get in touch with your capital "S" Self.

The first step is: Become still.

The second step is: Mentally express your desire for dialog, for connection, for communication.

The third step is: Listen. That is the step most people neglect to engage in.

And the fourth step or the fourth part is: To expect an answer. Because, if you ask and do not expect an answer, you will not hear it even though it will be given.

Now, you may become still by whatever means works for you: meditating, self-hypnosis, relaxation techniques. Whatever helps you to get in that place where the chattering of your mind is not occurring. And when you have arrived at a reasonably quiet inner place, then gently, quietly express your desire. There is no need to be formal about it. Do not conceive of this process as one of entering a church where you must follow certain protocols of proper spiritual behavior. Just simply, in your own words, express your desire. Express it once only at any given sitting. And then move on to the third point, which is listen.

Now, one of the places you get hung-up on in the second step is that you ask, and you ask, and you ask, and you ask, "Will my Guide please speak to me? I will listen. Will you please speak to me. I really do want to hear from you. I really am in the middle of a problem. I really need you." And you keep expressing the desire without setting the reason for it aside, together with setting aside the request, so that you are able to be silently and attentively and allowingly listening. Your Guide knew before you asked that you were experiencing a problem.

Now, what happens when you ask, and ask, and ask, and you give all the reasons you can think of for why it is important for you to have an answer. What you are doing there is filling the space up with you and your concern. Even though your request says, "I desire to make room for someone and something other than me and my current concerns." The expression of the desire to be in touch with your Guide is a desire to let someone or something else into the space in which you are present. It is important to remember that because you cannot have a joining if you are insisting upon being the only one present. And your expression of concern, over and over and over again, constitutes you filling up the space. So, express the desire and be aware that you are asking to share your space with someone else.

That what this is all about, even more than getting answers, is the joining with one who loves you. One whose intent it is to disclose to you your Divinity. To disclose to you who you Are, so that you might come to a realization that your problem as you are seeing it is a limited perception of Reality that does not and cannot appropriately govern your experience. And so that the Truth about it in its simplicity might be placed before you, so that you can become free of the problem, or free of the ignorance.

So you ask once. And then you truly become quiet and listen. Listening is an invitation, isn't it? It isn't just being still as you would normally do in a meditation. Listening is an attentiveness to something, even though you don't know what it will be. That is an invitation. It is an invitation to that which has already been insisting upon registering with you. Because, it is really in the final analysis the totality of who you Are, which your busyness and with your concerns and worries has blocked you from experiencing. And so literally, the expression of this desire to share your space, to allow someone or something else in, is a means of giving permission for what you Divinely are to register with you. It is the giving of permission for the Father or the Holy Spirit to register with you.

Now, I say all of this so that you might understand just how natural and simple a process this is. And why it is inevitable that if you truly ask and truly listen, you will get an answer. The intelligence of Creation is bound to register with you, if you are coming into alignment with it by setting aside your arrogance and your willfulness, which is very often expressed as the repetitive expression of your worries and your concerns. It is inevitable that the integrity of life will register when there is an invitation. And when one other essential element is present, the giving of permission for the invitation to be responded to.

Now, when you pray to the Father, you are opening up to, and to some degree, giving permission for what God is to register with you, and exalt your poor sense of yourself, and uncover in you His/Her full Self-expression.

Now it is important to understand that the Holy Spirit is, what I will call, a different function than the Movement of God. The Holy Spirit is your Divinity held in trust while you are dallying with the ego. As you are aware, the moment that the sense of ignorance came into play, the Holy Spirit came into existence. The moment each of you chose to experience a limited perception of the forth-dimensional conscious experience of Being, that part of Yourself which you disowned in the process did not disappear. And so You in your totality, right up to this very instant, have continued to function and Be fully. That of You, what I will call your disowned capital "S" Self, is the Holy Spirit. And when reunion occurs, the Holy Spirit will no longer be. Because your Divinity will no longer need to be held in trust, while you play in a sense of limitation.

Your Guide is an actual individuality, part of the Brotherhood, the body of Christ, if you will, part of the Brotherhood that is Awake. When you reach out to your Guide, you are reaching out to one of your Brothers or Sisters. An individuality just like you. Part of the process, an essential aspect of the process of awakening, involves your active willingness to join with another. To let another into this private little arrogant ego space that you have been playing in, if I may put it that way, exploring the experience of. This is one of the means of undoing the ego frame of reference. Letting someone else in. It doesn't need to be your Guide; it can be your mate, it can be your child, it can be your friend, it can be your minister. But the letting in of someone else is an act that is in opposition to the isolation and separation of the ego sense. And this is another reason that when you let someone into your experience, it feels good.

Your Guide, for lack of better words, was assigned to you at the moment of conception, and has been present on your behalf to help remind you of who you Divinely Are. While you are somewhat overwhelmed and having the "pleasure" of understanding all the sensory data that you are getting from the five physical senses which tend to cause you to forget or overlook the more subtle spiritual levels of your Being.

So, when you reach out for guidance, whether it is your Guide, the Holy Spirit, your capital "S" Self or the Father, you are reaching out to that which has the soul intent of connecting with you. It is a self-fulfilling process, if you will give permission for it. Everything is set up for you to remember who you are. And although, when you in your limited sense of things feel vulnerable, tiny, unloved and unlovable, and, therefore, it is hard for you to believe that anyone would respond or that you are worthy of any response, you are nevertheless in a place where you are bound to get your answers, if you will reach out no matter how unjustifiable a response seems because of your conviction in your littleness.

Now there is one other thing. Let go of willfulness in this process of listening. Do not be demanding. When Paul was first trying to connect with Me and he had sat there every night for two weeks, becoming still, genuinely expressing his desire, and there had been no response, he became impatient, and said, he had better things to do and that he couldn't sit there forever, waiting for me to respond. In so many words, he was saying, "hurry up." That is willfulness, and it will, indeed, get in the way of your hearing.

Part of the process of waking up is arriving at a place within yourself where you are saying, "Thy Will not mine be done." A place where there is an expression of confidence in the fundamental order of Being. All of you are very uncomfortable being in that yielding place, because you are so conditioned to be in control and feel that you cannot feel worthwhile or responsible if you aren't exercising the control. I will tell you that the only exercise of control that is worth its salt is to use your will to choose not to use your will. And that is what you are doing whenever you meditate. And that is what you are doing when you desire to get in touch with your Guide and go through the four steps that I have mentioned.

It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. It is the Father's good pleasure to disclose to you your right Mind, to illuminate it to you. And as you can see, there are a number of avenues available to you for having the Father's Will for you identified in a recognizable form in your life. And I simply encourage all of you to begin to avail yourself of it. And I encourage you to do it with a certain lightness to it. Don't work hard at it. Don't make your whole life depend upon whether it works or not. It will work, but do it with an ease. Do it with a certain lightness.

You go to the kitchen sink to get a glass of water. You do not stand there and pray that water might come out this time when you turn on the faucet. You do not meditate first. You simply go and casually turn on the faucet. Likewise, let there be a certain casualness here. Because, what we are talking about is engaging in something that is absolutely and Divinely normal, that is available to you at all times no matter how confined you're feeling by your limitations. Okay, that's the end of the answer.   (G-1990C/R-320) through (G-1990C/R-339)


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