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Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2005-04-17

RAJ: And welcome to everyone who is joining us on the Internet.

I'm going to start out with some good news. With all this talk about the ego and how it's not your friend, and so on, together with the sloppy way or careless way in which reference to the ego is made, it can seem that you have become an ego. "I am an ego. I have actually become something different from What God Created. And I'm living out a life that expresses ego-hood." And this definition of yourself as an ego becomes part of the box from which you experience being.

And because, through careless thinking, you think of yourself as an ego, and [because] now you know that there's more to life than ego-hood, you think that you have to overcome this thing called "an ego." And it makes it sound as though you have to abandon what you are, you have to somehow stop being what you have become. It's possible for you to begin to think that your Waking up is going to be the extinction of you, because the Real You is so radically different. And that's not something an ego wants to do -- become extinct. And so there is a part of you that resists Waking up, even though you are desiring to wake up.

And of course, [there is] this [additional] idea that Individuality (which is another word for Indivisibility) is going to disappear and you will drift into a blissful, undefinable, pink cloud of bliss where there will be no differentiation of any kind, just an experience of love and peace which your common sense tells you is just a more pleasant form of and perhaps a more beautiful form of a static experience -- we could say [is] "a pleasant form of being dead."

Now, I've said before many, many times, the only thing that is confronting you, the only thing available to you to experience is the Kingdom of Heaven, which you're seeing clearly, or through a glass darkly. That idea allows you to begin to be able to look at everything with a curiosity you didn't have before, because you are [actually] seeing the Ultimate -- you are [as a fictional ego] just not seeing it [the Ultimate Kingdom of Heaven] in its Fullness. And [with curiosity and Singularity of Mind] it's easy for you to imagine that your capacity to see It more fully as What It Is, is available to you. And the only [erroneous] reason you haven't been experiencing It was because what you thought It was, was the only thing [an undifferentiated pink cloud of bliss] you thought It was, and there was no alternative to it.

Now, the equivalent of this, that will also be helpful to you, is for you to understand that you right now are the Christ, the Christ Mind, the Christ Consciousness, seeing everything clearly, or through a glass darkly. You're not an ego seeing things clearly or through a glass darkly. In other words, you are the Ultimate right now, experiencing the Ultimateness of you fully, or in a very limited fashion.   (C-050417/R-7) through (C-050417/R-12)

Raj Excerpt -- Melbourne, Australia--January 1993

So, is there any way to speed this up? Is there any shortcut? Well, I will tell you: I am telling you the shortcut. You all in one way or another have been refining your Souls over lifetimes; that's the long-cut. The shortcut is to get off of that repetitious, linear movement and stop the thinking that improves the mind that refines the Soul, blah, blah, blah, blah, and daring to become still so that the chatter of your ego and your concepts and beliefs and your effort to protect yourself might subside enough for you to feel the REAL presence of you that has always been present.

If you want to know in words what the shortcut is, it is: choose for your Peace. I'll say it in another way: Life is not a test. Therefore, you are not going to be graded. Success or failure is not the potential. And if failure is not one of the potentials, then fear is groundless. Again, too simple? No! It is that simple! And I am encouraging all of you to muster up enough courage to explore the Truth of what I am saying.   (G-1993A/R-107) through (G-1993A/R-108)

Raj Excerpt -- Princeville, Hawaii--February 1994

RAJ: You've got to be really simple-minded. There are only two voices you can ever hear: the Voice for Truth, which is the Holy Spirit or the Father speaking, or the voice for the ego.

QUESTION (Continued): Well, see that frightens me too, because even if I say, "Shut up, it's just my ego," then I think, "Well, look, I'm stuck with this ego," and then I get freaked out about that. It's like I don't want it there. It's twisted.

RAJ: Say: "Shut up!" And then stop thinking. Don't let the next thought come, because you want the silence in which your experience of your [Christ-] Presence is obvious to you, and you want to be in the silence where your connection with God is available to you as your experience. But you will not have it as long as you are letting the ego talk, or you are arguing with your ego.

Now I am well aware that you are expressing the fears that come to you, and they are not necessarily the way you are feeling at the moment. I also understand that you know what I'm talking about.

The point is love yourself -- and I'm going to say this to everyone -- love yourselves enough to give yourself the attention you need to put the energy into yourself that it takes to have your Peace available as a conscious experience. "Oh no, I've got things to do. The world is more important. My children are getting home from school; I've got to take care of them. I've got to take care of my husband. I've got to take care of my work." You've got to take care of yourself, or you won't be there for the children, or the husband, or the work, or the world.

So be Simple-Minded. You don't have time for that other voice [of ego]. Because at the bottom line, whether it's as severe as it is with you, or whether it's in the much milder ways -- thousands of ways that it happens for everyone else during their day -- the ego is always undercutting you. And you don't have to listen. You have another choice.

Most people just think that this flow of thoughts -- of ridiculous undermining thoughts -- is life. And they don't realize there is a choice. They don't realize there is another Voice that they can listen for and hear; another Voice that is intent upon registering with you because ultimately it is your capital "V" Voice; it's the Voice of the Integrity of your Being because GOD is the Integrity of your Being.

So each one of you is worth whatever effort it takes to use a little bit of self-discipline -- just enough self-discipline -- to make the choice for which of the two voices [Integrity of Being or ego] you are going to listen to.   (G-1994A/R-56) through (G-1994A/R-63)


Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-06-29

You've got to remember that we're talking about change. We're talking about correction occurring. We're talking about having a new experience of the Kingdom of Heaven that is, at the least, a closer approximation of what the Kingdom of Heaven is than the one you're currently employing with such great vigor and commitment.

But that means being willing to abandon the status quo, to not necessarily fit in with the mutually-agreed-upon definitions of your society, and taking your Impulse for Being from a place other than the mutually-agreed-upon definitions, meaning the Movement of God's Will for you right here while you're apparently quote "in the world." You must let your actions be impulsed from a new place, not the old place which is nothing more than old habit patterns, ruts.

Whatever you're experiencing right now is Something Real seen in a limited fashion. Unreality has never occurred! No ego has ever been brought into [REAL] existence. Therefore Awakening will not cause you to lose anything, but to experience every single thing in greater fullness. Every little thing will be infinitely enhanced, together with an apparently increased capacity on the part of every one of you to embrace it all without confusion and without the confinements of time so that the Real meaning of cooking, and the Real meaning of a project you're engaged in, and the Real meaning of shopping, all occur simultaneously.

You are not going to lose. You've already lost. You're already existing in a state of lack. The only direction there is, is up. The only direction there is, is expansion. Greater and greater inclusiveness of what is Real so that what you bring into play with the crafts you engage in, and what you bring into play with the cooking you engage in, and what one brings into play in whatever area of interest that involves creativity, et cetera, those things, the meaning of them and the embodiment of them will be increasingly enhanced to infinity.

You all must watch, like I said, for the "gargoyles" the ego puts up around your fulfillment, and not find ways to practice faithlessness, to employ doubt. As though the further along your path you get, the more clearly right and wrong activity will be illuminated, and therefore a greater starkness between whether you're doing something that's right or you're doing something that's wrong, something that you'll get a gold star for divinely and something you'll get a penalty for. Whatever it is you're doing, don't weigh it to see, "Am I doing the right thing or the wrong thing?" Whatever it is, take that instant, that instance [event], and desire of God to know what the capital "M" Meaning of it is. Embrace the instant fully with the desire to move over whatever threshold of limitation is present with you so that you can see the more of God that's in it.

Don't take the bait, else the ego will rake you over the coals and keep you busy "being sure that you're not doing the wrong thing," or "making sure that you're doing the right thing even if you don't want to." And let every moment be the occasion for the willingness to recognize God Being You and the events you're in the middle of.  (C-030629/R-85) through (C-030629/R-94)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-04-24

RAJ: Knowing is a now, a present experience and it causes one to find the past to be irrelevant, and gives you a direct experience of the Fact that there is no past or future and that any past or future you conceived of was an illusion, and therefore not worth any comment or conversation whatsoever in light of the fullness of Knowing which you can't help but let govern the way you're being in the moment. It moves you out of time.   (C-030424/R-127)

Raj Excerpt -- Southport, Australia--1989

The future is a trap! The past is a trap! Both are imaginary! Not one of you has ever experienced the past or the future. You've always experienced the moment of conscious experience that you're in, which is always present and now. You see how little you pay attention to the obvious, how little you pay attention to the actual experience, because you are concerning yourself with the rent that is due next week, you are concerning yourself with a deadline, you are concerning yourself with your past catching up with you. And you believe that and ignore totally the fact that you have only ever experienced now -- the moment you are in. And the only time you have been able to act is in the now. And that eternity, you might say, of experiencing the now should constitute overwhelming evidence that the future and the past are useless.

And the ego comes in and says, "Yes, but if I'm going the make a trip to England, or I am going to take a trip to New Zealand, I must make reservations today for a future event." Well, if you stay in the now, and if you are trusting in the now, then today if it fulfills purpose for those tickets to be purchased so that you will have a seat on the plane two weeks from now, you will know that it needs to be done now. And you will do it because that represents congruence, that represents order in the now. And then when the two weeks from now arrives, you will find yourself at the airport walking onto the plane. It is unnecessary for you to conceptualize time, imagine it, and labor under a false sense of obligation to a future point.

Now, I just said that two weeks from now you will find yourself at the airport getting onto the plane, but also if you are in the now at that point you may find yourself not getting on the plane, even though you bought the ticket, because it doesn't identify fulfillment for you. Perhaps there is something wrong with the plane. And you will not say two weeks from now when it is time to walk onto that plane and there is a knowing, because you were in the now, that it is not appropriate for you to get on the plane. You will not say, "But I paid for my tickets two weeks ago. I can't afford to waste that money." What I did two weeks ago has set into motion an obligation to be a certain way in the now, and therefore I must get on that plane, even though, if I am paying attention, I know it is not appropriate.

As you begin to be in the now, you begin to be appropriate. And you find that whether what you are doing adds up with your logic and your reasoning or not, there is such harmony, and such perfection, and such order, and such safety that you wouldn't dare do it any other way. And as this experience of order, and safety, and harmony becomes more predominantly your ongoing experience, you will begin to feel that you are indeed in the flow of your capital "B" Being. Which could also be stated, "Yielding to the Will of God." Which could also be stated, "Letting go of any need to claim an identity separate from, or other than the Conscious Movement of Creation."

And there is a holiness to it, except that it will not be so much a spiritual experience of holiness as it is an integrated experience of Wholeness, that relates to you, and relates to everything.

Time is the means the ego uses to distract you from the moment and [from] the place where you can access Reality. And that point of access, if you will, is the Holy Instant, the Instant of Wholeness that you are always in.

I hope that in 2011 you will be experiencing Reality and not an approach to it.   (G-1989C/R-83) through (G-1989C/R-90)


Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2005-10-09

RAJ READING: In effect, then, what you believe you DO see. That is what I meant when I said, "Blessed are ye who have not seen and still believe," for those who believe in the resurrection WILL see it. (H-#271)

RAJ: Oh, I know. "You're nothing but a hunk of matter, born of woman, full of trouble for a few days, and you die." That's what you believe. 'Tain't so. But you believe it. 'Tain't so. And so (trumpets blaring) you don't have to believe it. You can abandon the belief and inquire beyond it.

RAJ READING: ...those who believe in the resurrection WILL see it. (H-#271)

RAJ: Well, the only resurrection worth a hill of beans today is yours. And those who believe in it, you who believe it, will see it.

RAJ READING: The resurrection is the complete triumph of Christ over the ego, not by attack, but by transcendence. (H-#271)

RAJ: How do you nurture a frightened and abused animal into affectionate behavior and trust? By transcending the presenting picture that it gives to you right there where it appears that there is a damaged animal. When you transcend that presentation by not honoring it, by not believing it, you leave the door of your love wide open so that it can be extended to that which is there in that animal that is capable of being unafraid, because it no longer believes that it must be afraid.

You don't bully the animal into fearlessness. You don't twist its tail or its ears to get it to sit down and realize that it doesn't have to be afraid. You see? You don't transform it. You don't transform its fear by attacking the stupidity of its fearfulness when it's not called for. Complete triumph is accomplished not by attack, not by aggressive willfulness exerted over and asserted upon that animal, no, but by transcendence.

RAJ READING: For Christ DOES rise above the ego and all its works, and ascends to the Father and HIS Kingdom. (H-#271)

RAJ: You stick with the animal because you know there is a capacity to experience and feel love that it has been frightened out of allowing itself to feel. Your mind ascends to the Truth about that animal, and behaves on the basis of that Truth.

RAJ READING: Would you join in the resurrection or the crucifixion? (H-#271)

RAJ: Now I'm going to say this: Those are really the only two choices you have, and you practice one or the other of them all day long. Does that make you terrible? Does that render you punishable? Does that make you guilty? No, it just means that your choices have effects that are either fulfilling, or not. And when they're not fulfilling, they're no fun. And if you don't like having no fun, then you need to make a different choice.

RAJ READING: Would you join in the resurrection or the crucifixion? Would you condemn your brothers or free them? (H-#271)

RAJ: I know. "You'll condemn them a little while so they will know what it feels like. And then you'll free them. But you want a little justice, please!" Whew.

But, you see, as I said earlier, the most important part of what happens when you treat a mistreated dog well, with love, is that not only does it bless the dog because you cared about the dog, it brought you into perfect alignment with your Function, your Purpose, and therefore your Sanity.   So....

RAJ READING: Would you condemn your brothers or free them? (H-#271)

RAJ: It means, "Would you do what is in utter harmony with your Being, that causes you to Wake up to the Truth of You?" or, "Would you do that which confuses you, causes a loss of memory of the Truth About You, and puts you in a place of constant suffering and strife?" You make the choice between the two, all day long. There aren't any other choices.

RAJ READING: Would you transcend YOUR prison and ascend to the Father? (H-#271)

RAJ: "Well, [laughing] not until Joe suffers a little bit more 'cause it just too satisfying to see him get his comeuppance. Hold on, God. I'll be there in a minute." -- which means, "Hold on, [God]. Me, I'm choosing to suffer and be ignorant of my Birthright a little longer."   (C-051009/B-107) through (C-051009/R-126)



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