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Raj Excerpt -- Carmel, California--1986

At the bottom line each one of you suffers only from your own ego sense, no one else's. And it is the degree to which you energize your finite, limited, tiny, ego sense that you experience great fear, depression, physical discomfort and disease.

No one else's ego sense can do anything to you if there is not a corresponding string in you that can vibrate sympathetically with the other's ego expression. There is no such thing as influence that is not invited by you by virtue of having a resonant sounding board in you. If this were not so you would be lost, and you would have reason to truly be depressed. Now this is an absolute Fact I am stating here. If there is not something in you to resonate to a limited, finite, negative viewpoint or belief system or feeling external to you then you will not experience it within yourself no matter how distressed another might be.

If you understand that Fact you understand your power and your authority over your experience. And it becomes crystal clear that you can not be an innocent victim. "Ah, [you reply] "but there were innocent victims on that plane that fell to their deaths. And so why am I to feel that I might not be an innocent victim, out of the blue, totally unexpected? How can I feel at peace?" But you see that line of thought contradicted what I just said, there cannot be an innocent victim. Those three, even though one was a child, were a participant in the drama, an active willing participant. There was something in them that collaborated with the fearful ego sense. And they had the authority within themselves not to participate.

Now I want you to notice that the way the ego works is to pull your attention away from the simple fact that you have two vantage points within yourself to experience life from. Those two vantage points are, either the ego's conflicted distressing sense, and the other is your eternal, immovable, stable, loving, principled Being, with a capital "B".

The ego distracts you from the awareness that you have two choices that will totally govern in opposite ways the way in which you experience your life. And it says, "Look out there, look at what happened, look at those innocent victims."  Assumption after assumption, after assumption is going on there, which if you are not careful you will not challenge, and the ego will have you hooked, your gut will clench up and you will not sleep well, and you will wonder whether to make a trip.

And you will forget the fact that if you take a trip, and if you take a plane from here to there, it is you who are taking the plane, it is not the plane that is taking you, and that if you are not allowing the ego to take you over and you are not synergizing or sympathetically responding to the current of fear that is acting out these incidence, that you will be unable to get on a plane that will not reach its destination, or conversely that someone who intends to do harm on a plane that you are taking will be absolutely unable to carry it out.

Because you see, your connectedness with your Peace, and your insistence upon not energizing the debilitating disintegration of your inner self-experience has no opposing presence or power because it is omnipotent. Your Peace experienced within yourself is omnipotent. Not because you personally have a marvelous power, but because that Peace in you that constitutes the substance of your Being and the nature of your Being is the presence of the Life Principle or God. That is why it has power. That is why it is transformational.

As this year progresses there will at times be increasing attempts on the part of the ego sense to create fear. That is nothing new. That is the way the ego has always functioned. But it is losing ground. And so, it is wildly taking steps to increase the level of fear and engage you in a conflicted place in yourself so that you forget to choose for your Peace.   (G-1986B/R-27) through (G-1986B/R-34)

Raj Excerpt -- Ashland, Oregon--1989

QUESTION: How are we to respond as a society and as individuals when we read in the paper, which was in a Seattle paper a few days ago, about a seven year old boy being sexually abused and mutilated? What do we do with that?

RAJ: Indeed. Now what happened was certainly not expressive of decency, of love, of truth. And it is not to be accepted as representative of anything of value. And it is not to be condoned. The individualities involved are also not to be condemned. The individual and the behavior, the individual and the experience, are not one and the same. The behavior was wrong, but the individual has not suddenly become invalid or unworthy of the recognition of his divinity.

In other words, it is not appropriate to withdraw the perception that would transform and exalt that poor self-image into the true appreciation of what he divinely is. And I am speaking of the perpetrator of the mistreatment.

Now the part you are not going to like to hear, except I am going to make it a little more pertinent to each one of you. If each one of you is willing to be honest, and to the degree that any of you has been willing to be honest, you will recognize the fact that any negative experience you have had, you invited. And not one of you was an innocent victim -- there was a curiosity, a fascination with whatever it was. And in its most blatant forms there was an aggressive search for the experience.

This child, as atrocious as the crime was, was not an innocent victim. You will not be able to see the truth of that fully until you are able to honestly look at your own negative experiences. And the fact that they were not inflicted on you without your willing participation. And I cannot be firm enough on this point.

Because I will tell you, that if you are not the one exercising authority over your experience by virtue of the permissions you give, or the withholding of permissions, you will not recognize that you are free to Wake up until something out there changes. And you will hold yourself in bondage until something out there does change, which means until everyone else has Woken up and there is no longer anyone out there to justify your ongoing ignorance of your authority.

Either you are locked into hell, locked into suffering, or you're not. And if you are not, then you had best get about the business of discovering how to become free from your suffering, whether anyone else changes or not. It is a hard thing to swallow, but there are no innocent victims. You either attract your negative experiences out of fear or fascination, but you invite them.

The acting out of aggression is incompatible with life and I am not suggesting that it is to be condoned. But the one who is the aggressor, and the one who gets the brunt end of the aggression, dance a dance together. We could say they are both to blame, but there we have the word "blame" and the consequential use of the word "guilt" and therefore penalty.

To dance a dance whether it is constructive or destructive is simply to dance a dance. It is not worthy of condemnation of the partners in the dance. And to the degree that those involved in the dance of aggression and victimization can be held consciously in the acknowledgment of their flawless Divinity, and that anything other than that Divinity is illusion, the more quickly both the aggressor and the victim can be freed from, healed from, transformed out of the inclination to be the aggressor and whatever the result of the victimization was.

But you are not going to get healing if you are holding one to be the bad guy and the other to be the good guy. You can not heal the good guy, who was the innocent victim of the mistreatment if you are going to hold the other one to be a sinner. You must bring both parties into that exalted context of essential and inviolable Divinity. And then both are available for healing and regeneration.

You must absolutely say "No" to the behavior, else chaos would tend to result. But when you say "No" to the behavior, withhold condemnation from both the aggressor and the victim, because both of them are victims of their egos. And both are acting out from a lack of the sense of their Divinity and Worth. And both are worthy of not being imposed upon by such bondage. That's the end of the answer.   (G-1989A/Q-344) through (G-1989A/R-354)

Raj Excerpt -- Gold Coast, Australia--February 1993

QUESTION: I was just wondering, my baby son has hemophilia which is a bleeding disorder. And he was a very strong spirit that wanted to come through before he was conceived. And I'm wondering is it his spirit that elects to have that affliction to learn certain strengths or lessons in this life, or us as parents to learn the lessons? How do we help on that level of understanding the pain that he suffers with a body that does go through more pain than the average body as he grows? And will he grow out of it as some hemophiliacs do?

At the moment, the medical profession is talking about it being the first thing they can cure with genetic engineering in the next two to ten years. Is that possible?

And also I would just like to ask, when you listen to your Guides, does the voice seem like a voice other than your own, or does it seem like part of yourself talking to you?

RAJ: I will answer the last question first. As a general rule, it will sound like your own thinking. That is the best way I could put it into words. Although on occasion, in order to get your attention or to break through your self-doubt, your Guide may speak in a distinctly different voice. But once your attention has been gotten and there is a reasonable sense of comfort with the communication, and I am speaking of perhaps three to four day's time, you will find that the distinctiveness of the quality of the voice will settle down and be less distinct. I will put it that way.

Now let's get one thing clear: When you say did your son's spirit elect this problem for its growth, the only time I use the word "Spirit" is to describe a Divine aspect of conscious Individuality. I seldom use the word "spirit" to denote a vigorous and spirited individual. Spirit is Divine. That which is Divine never selects problems for you to have. And one's Spirit never chooses problems to refine itself because it never stopped being the full Presence of the Spirit, that is God.

Who on earth would want to meet their maker if their maker actually gives him problems? You do not need problems for your learning or your refinement. You are not some piss-ant mortal, getting better and better and better and improving and being refined into a state that is worthy of entering the Kingdom of Heaven. And this is what all of you must finally get the point of. Because as long as you think you are, and as long as you think that God has joined you in this process and, indeed, is providing you with really neat problems to promote your growth, you are not going to feel love for your Father and you are not going to want to come Home.

You all recognize that injustice and abuse is characteristic of such a set up, even though the ego convinces you that it is for your benefit and, therefore, you should love that which is providing you with these wonderful opportunities to grow.

Suffering, any form of dis-ease is a manifestation of each one's resistance to what one Divinely Is. No one outside of you or any other individual inflicts any discomfort or disease upon you. God doesn't, your Spirit doesn't, your Soul doesn't. But when, through ignorance, you resist your Good, your Wholeness, you create a dissonance that you feel. And the dissonance, and the energy you bring to create that dissonance, distorts your perception and you begin to see your body as diseased.

Well, you say, "How can a child do this?" Well, everybody, let's stop being confused; there is no such thing as a little innocent babe. Every single child you know is, and has been, an Eternal Being. And there's nothing new about that child whatsoever when he or she comes into your experience. And he or she comes into your experience with his knapsack of beliefs, and most of them are cherished. And until that Individuality arrives at a point where he says, "I'm sick and tired of the weight of that belief and the discomfort of it," and throws it away, it will remain in his knapsack.

Now I will tell you something else: even if they come up with a means to genetically correct a physical imbalance, the simple fact is that if the belief doesn't change, the imbalance will reappear. If the cherished belief isn't discarded, it won't matter how you re-arrange the furniture, the form. Unless the re-arrangement just happens to occur at the same time that the individual has decided to discard the cherished belief.

So now what are you faced with? Well, you are not faced with some poor, little, innocent babe upon whom has been inflicted a serious, perhaps terminal problem. You are faced with an Individuality who is ancient, who like other Individualities around you who may be beginning to look ancient, is faced with the opportunity to let go of beliefs to experience clarification.

So I want you to start seeing this child as a little bit more intelligent than you think, and a little bit more experienced than you think, and actually quite an expert in authorizing his life, taking control, manipulating people, etc. I'm not saying it as a judgment on the child. I'm just saying, hey, take a look at the facts and don't be nave. Because the more Real you can be with this child, and the less caught up in a sense of injustice and soft compassion for this poor, innocent child, the more you will be able to deal with that child in practical terms that can promote healing.

He is not an innocent victim. None of you has ever been an innocent victim. But, boy, lucky you. If you can find somebody who spontaneously jumps to the conclusion that you are, you will milk them for all the sympathy you can get. And children are no different.

So now, what are you going to do? Well, you are going to be the presence of Love just as you would with any ancient one, whether they look old or young, because it's your nature to be the presence of Love that promotes and elicits the best from everyone around you. And you will do your best to be that place where this one can feel most free to make a new decision about what he's carrying in his knapsack.

And you will not carry around with you some self-doubt as to whether or not your genes caused his problem. Remember, his problem is of his own construction. And like I said, if they are able to genetically change the physical structure so that there is nothing to support the ongoing manifestation of this problem and the belief hasn't changed, the structure will re-arrange itself and it will be manifest again.

Likewise we will say, that if some parents don't have perfect genes (but you had perfect genes) and this child comes with this particular belief in his knapsack, the manifestation will reconfigure and even though it's impossible for a child from parents with perfect genes to have this problem, HE will have it.

So you are called upon to be for him the same thing you are called upon to be for your husband, or your neighbor, or the grocery store clerk: that presence who has found or is finding her equilibrium and her connectedness with her Knowing and her clearer ability to recognize the Christ in everyone she sees, even this young ancient one, or that old ancient one, or that middle-aged ancient one. And thus make the gift of you that provides the environment in which those around you can make a new decision because they aren't busy defending themselves against your misperception of them.    (G-1993B/Q-360) through (G-1993B/R-376)


Raj Excerpt -- Book: You Are The Answer

As long as we hold dear our concepts of righteousness, education, and highly-developed ability to reason, our conscious experience of Being is so full of the "noise" of our ego that we cannot hear the "still, small voice" of our true Identity -- the still, small voice of God, as it is called. This is why we are cautioned to "Be still, and know that I am God." You are really beginning to see this point, and are really beginning to feel that it is a valid point -- valid enough to trust yourself to completely.

This truly is your task from this moment forward. As I said before, any attempt to avoid the fulfillment of your Being will result in discomfort far greater than you can imagine. It will be far greater than you care to experience, because you have graduated into the Fourth-dimensional frame of reference. Although you may attempt to ignore it at times, you cannot succeed in moving backwards. Growth only moves in one direction, and it moves inexorably and irreversibly.  (B-YATA/R-1942) through (B-YATA/R-1943)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-10-03

RAJ: What's the direction that God's Voice speaks for in all of us? It speaks for the Excellence Of You. It speaks for the Truth About You, just as I do. It speaks for your Awakening, because it has been held in trust while you have dallied with the ego.

And what has it been held in trust for? To be there to remind you, to remember for you What You Are. It is What You Are standing ready to address the you you think you are [i.e., an ego] and help you remember that you're more than what you think you are, so that you can come back into your Right Mind, so that Sanity can return. So that you are not split into the Holy Spirit that you don't think is part of you, and an ego that you think is what you are.

The Holy Spirit speaks of one direction and that is the return of your Sanity to your Conscious Awareness. Reintegration.   (C-041003/R-119) through (C-041003/R-121)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2005-08-07

[The next sentence is an oft-quoted sentence from the Course.]

RAJ READING: Would you be hostage to the ego or host to God? (H-#257*258)

RAJ: "Well, you mean I need to invite Him into my house for a dinner party, and host God?" No.

God is not a thing that can come into your presence that you can be host to; God is already All. And the only way you can be a host to God is to have a simple -- and I mean simple -- a simple desire to see Him in everything you're looking at. You become host to God when you wish to see Him in each and every thing -- see Him in each and every thing, instead of the definitions you've made-up. You also play host to God by being willing to say you are His Son, His Daughter, His Offspring, His Creation.

RAJ READING: Would you be hostage to the ego or host to God? You will accept only whom YOU invite. (H-#257*258)

RAJ: If you're having a rough time, you've invited the ego. You've invited the mentality that you think you are that you think constitutes the clearest definition of your individuality that you have so far been able to express in the world.

RAJ READING: You will accept only whom YOU invite. (H-#257*258)

RAJ: If you want to have a better experience, you better invite another guest. And you only have two to choose from -- God, or the voice for fear -- the ego, which is just the sense of yourself that you have made-up and then committed yourself to..... Continuing.

RAJ READING: You are free to determine who shall be your guest, and how long he shall remain with you. (H-#257*258)

RAJ: Nobody else is. You are! No one else is free to determine for you who shall be your guest.

RAJ READING: You are free to determine who shall be your guest, and how long he shall remain with you. Yet this is not REAL freedom, for it still depends on how you see it. (H-#257*258)

RAJ: How you see it.

RAJ READING: The Holy Spirit is THERE although He cannot help you without your invitation, and the ego is nothing whether you invite it in or not. Real Freedom depends on welcoming REALITY, and of your guests only He is real. (H-#257*258)

RAJ: The Holy Spirit.

RAJ READING: Know, then, Who... (H-#257*258)

RAJ: With a capital "W".

RAJ READING: ...Who abides with you merely by recognizing what is there ALREADY,... (H-#257*258)

RAJ: Again, you're not behind the Point of Perfection or advancing toward it; you're there already.

RAJ READING: Know, then, Who abides with you merely by recognizing what is there ALREADY, and do not be satisfied with imaginary comforters, for the Comforter of God is in you. (H-#257*258)

RAJ: And the Comforter of God that is in you is nothing more than your Right Mind.   (C-050807/R-189) through (C-050807/R-209)

Raj Excerpt -- Ashland, Oregon--1989

But how can you get from an ego-oriented three-dimensional frame of reference to the God /I /Self fourth-dimensional Conscious experience of Being? You get there by letting down [your defenses], you get there by letting go [all ego-fears and highs], you get there by releasing all of your preconceptions and becoming still, still enough so that in the Bible's terms you can hear "the still small voice of God."

It is not really that God's voice is small; it is just that it is not arrogant. It is immeasurable and infinitely powerful, but it is not powerful over anything; it is the power that is the substance OF everything. And so it does not have to assert itself. It is All. And so it doesn't have to yell at you to get your attention so that you can find out that it is All -- because it is All. And so you will not find your Divinity enforced. And some of you say, "Why not? It would prove to me that there was a God. And that would help me Wake up."  I beg to differ with you. The ego would simply argue louder and more arrogantly and say, "Prove it!"

Indeed, each and every one of you have to arrive at a point where you are more interested in becoming quiet enough to hear this immeasurable, infinite Presence of Power that is the all-constituting Presence of your [Real] Individualities.

I will tell you this: The ego must be consciously set aside. It will not be magically removed from you by virtue of a very righteous prayer. You must arrive at a point where you are so clearly aware that you are not experiencing fulfillment by the means you have been trying to achieve it that you will dare to become still, dare to choose to extend your interests beyond your educated thinking, to extend your willingness to let life [Life] register with you beyond what you have been willing to accept.

And how do you do this? You do it by giving up! You do it by letting yourself go into the void, into the quiet center of you, not the void out there, but the still, small, quiet Presence of God in you that is universal and not finite at all. But you say, "I do take time to become still, and nothing is happening. I have been religiously taking time each day -- sometimes twice a day, sometimes three times a day -- that's how intent I am upon waking up."

I will tell you: the time you are taking to become still is indeed breaking down the inner inclination to be in charge of everything. It is breaking down the readiness you have to rebut whatever might happen before it happens. It is breaking down the inclination to be resistant. The quiet time that seems not to be connecting you yet with your Guide, or with your experience of your divinity, or the shift into the fourth-dimensional conscious experience of Being is working.

You have no idea how many layers, upon layers, upon layers of resistance and self-protection you have built up. And you have no idea how much letting go there is to be done. You also have no idea how much letting go occurs.

Now that might sound as though you have a formidable task ahead of you, that you may achieve and you may not achieve, and maybe it's worth taking this time to be quiet and maybe it's not. There are two things I want you to know: You don't have the perspective to know how much ground you are covering in your Awakening process by being willing to be still and not be in charge.

And secondly: Your Divine Actuality, the Divine Actuality of you -- which I have referred to in the past as the Totality of you, as opposed to the little, tiny territory of that Totality that you call you -- you in your Totality are intent upon reestablishing the Conscious experience of All of your Self in your Totality. And so what you are Divinely is constantly bombarding this little territory of your Being that you are claiming is yours, and breaking down the ego-structures [thus] causing penetration to occur.

And so this process of letting go is not just the puny little you that you call yourself attempting to "wake up," but you when you are becoming allowing, when you are becoming still, when you are engaged to the very best of your ability in yielding, are bringing yourself in such alignment with what you are in your Totality that the ego-structures that encase this little tiny sense of you are weakening, and penetration is occurring.

And so, because you have no way to gauge how fast you are moving, or whether what you are doing is succeeding because you do not have that perspective, and because it is inevitable for you to Wake up, because it is inevitable for you to experience the Integrity of the Totality of who and what You Divinely Are, it is absolutely worth every moment you take to be willing, to be yielding, to be still, to shift from the active, controlling, manipulating ego-level to that inner Sanctuary of your Being, where the attitude is, "Thy Will be done."

Now, what stands in the way? What active blocking do you bring into play that does inhibit your Awakening? It is indeed, the reluctance to say, "Thy Will be done."

You in the Western World are educated to be pioneers, assertive explorers, learning how to get better and better understanding, and thereby control of your environment and your world. It is insulting to this sense of self that has developed to say, "Thy Will be done. I will yield to You [Father]." It even seems irresponsible, like giving your power away. But understand that when you are becoming still and you are willing to yield, that you are yielding to your Divine Being.

Let's be very clear here, your Divine Being is not just an exalted form of your human being, still separate, still private, still not experiencing its oneness with everything. You do not have a divine Being, and you have a divine Being, and you in the back another divine Being. There is Being. Not a noun, but a verb. You are Being (verb), Divine Being, the Movement of Life itself, the Movement of Creation.

And so when you are yielding to What You Are in your Totality, you are yielding to the Presence of God being All There Is, and What God is, will begin to define Who You Are to you. And you will let go of this tiny, private, controlling, proud sense of self that achieves greatness. You will even let go of a tiny sense of self trying to achieve its divinity. And you will see that that ;tiny ego] sense of self was an illusory sense of self overlaid upon the face of God, if you will, saying, "This is not God, this is me."

In that usurping of God's Presence by the replacement of a private sense of yourself, you lose your experience of the Joy that is part and parcel of the Movement of Creation, and you lose the experience of your Invulnerability, because there are no opposites in the Movement of Creation, in the presence of Reality. And you become fearful. And in that fearful state the very idea of yielding to your greater Self, or to God becomes something fearful, something unwise.

It is very difficult for you to allow yourself to be vulnerable, because from within the ego's frame of reference you exist in hostile territory. But that hostile territory is the overlay that the ego places upon the Kingdom of Heaven, where you are in Perfect Safety at this moment.

So the process of moving into the fourth-dimensional Conscious experience of Being [in the Movement] is one of giving up, yielding, yielding to the Father within, yielding to that which You Divinely Are, shutting up long enough to find that in what you thought would be a void is the Presence of the Movement of Creation as your Conscious experience of Being. But a Movement of Creation that is not arrogant, and does not blast you with its Presence, and which you will not experience until you are willing to become still, and I will say, give up the ghost of the ego.

We will be spending time this weekend talking about this yielding process and this willingness to move into the not-knowing place, the place where you are not sure of anything, the place where divine possibilities become Divine Actualities, which is a description of the Movement of Creation. Thank you for your question.   (G-1989A/R-8) through (G-1989A/R-26)


Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2002-08-28

RAJ: The Spirit's Strength: Spirit is Substance. Substance is Spirit. The Substance of everything you see in this room is Spirit. The Substance of you is Spirit. The Substance of your very Being is Spirit.

Miracles restore the mind to its fullness. They reveal its Indivisibility. They reveal its Innocence. They reveal its All-Inclusiveness.

By uncovering the absence of lack, they [miracles] establish perfect protection. Not in the sense of encircling you with tanks and enemy aircraft guns and a better wall of defense, but they establish perfect protection by uncovering to you that you're Naturally invulnerable --  that vulnerability is nonexistent. So they establish perfect protection by uncovering the fact that you are not in need of protection because there is nothing unlike you to be defended against.

And the Spirit's Strength, the Strength of the Substance of your Being leaves no room for intrusions. When the miracle establishes in you the Truth of you as your Conscious Experience, there simply is no room for the intrusion of anything and there is the conscious realization there is nothing unlike you that can intrude upon you. And so you can be at perfect Peace....  Continue.

READER: [Miracle Principle #35] Miracles are expressions of love, but they may not always have observable effects. (T-#3/5)

RAJ: They may not always have observable effects, but they will always have effects. Love is always transformational, but the transformation isn't always visible. When the miracle is a shift of perception about the Kingdom of Heaven that you are calling quote "the world" unquote, then you are going to find what you would call visible evidence of a miracle. You will find visible, tangible transformation. [Such as:] The disappearance of the evidence of disease or injury. The disappearance of a blight on a complete forest. The closing of the holes in the ozone. The purification of your water systems without a mechanical process being employed.

Because no matter how screwed up your world appears to have become through thoughtlessness, Creation hasn't for a moment been altered. And when a shift in perception occurs, the changes to Creation that have looked like man created, will no longer appear to be present [for you] to be disturbed by. And it [the miraculous transformation] can happen instantaneously. You can not have a sudden shift of perception without perception being changed. So be careful not to argue against, for any reason, the manifest, evident, tangible embodiment, we'll say, of the Kingdom of Heaven, where quote "the world" unquote seemed to be. This is very important.   (C-020828/R-17) through (C-020828/R-24)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2002-11-07

READER: For perfect effectiveness the Atonement [At-One-ment] belongs at the center of the inner Altar, where it undoes the separation and restores the wholeness of the mind. Before the separation the mind was invulnerable to fear, because fear did not exist. (T-#18/21)

RAJ: Interesting. Because fear did not exist, it was invulnerable to fear. How can you be invulnerable to something that doesn't exist?

RAJ READING: Before the separation the mind was invulnerable to fear, because fear did not exist. (T-#18/21)

RAJ: It is put this way so that you might grasp that invulnerability regained, will not be some ultimate form of defense that nothing can stand up to successfully. The invulnerability that your willingness to become defenseless will uncover to you, will be an invulnerability that doesn't require power to keep you safe.

We must talk about invulnerability, because from your present frame of reference, you feel vulnerable. And you feel that the vulnerability is part of the human condition and is unavoidable. From the ego's vantage point, invulnerability must be the result of a good defense, of armaments, of moats, and castle walls, and so on. And so it's natural to assume that as you move forward in your Awakening, your Divine Invulnerability will be some form of ultimate defense, but it isn't.

You are invulnerable, because in the absence of the choice for defense, that which you appeared to need defense against, undergoes an alteration in your mind, a sudden shift of perception, that allows you to see What Is Truly There and be infilled with appreciation for What Is Truly There, and thus engage in the Atonement, which will transform the world. And you will come to an experiential appreciation of the meaning of the statement, "In my defenselessness my safety lies."

Say:  "In my defenselessness, my invulnerability lies. In my defenselessness, I am refusing to be in a polarized state of mind. And in the absence of polarities, I am unable to see conflict. And in my inability to see conflict, the Presence of God can become obvious to me. And I can rejoice at the Saint, who I thought was my irritating brother."

And you know what? When you're not seeing an irritating brother there because you truly are seeing the Saint that he is, the Presence of God that he is, your bristles, your hackles, your quills, lay down. And you are no longer threatening to your Brother. And the genuineness of your benign-ness can be recognized by your Brother, so that he can say, "Wow. I never thought he would relax so that we could just relate with each other." And he will dare to relate with you in a new way, because you dared to let your affections be enriched.

Spiritual Sight cannot see the [ego] structure [of fear and force] at all because it is Perfect Vision. Spiritual Sight is.   (C-021107/B-195) through (C-021107/R-203)


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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