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Raj Excerpt -- Book: Graduation

I encourage you [Paul] not only to endure this apparent meaninglessness and loss of identity, but to consciously embrace it as representative of the shift into the being of pure Awareness, as a most desirable, healthy, and Sane experience. It is not happening for no reason. It is happening because for nine years you have practiced Listening, which has constituted an essential part of your Waking up! And it has constituted a sufficient enough arousal of You in your right Mind to trigger further spontaneous Awakening that you could say is not a result of conscious three-dimensional choice. The only so-called three-dimensional choice you can make in this process is the choice to Listen, the choice to be in the not-knowing Place.   (B-GRAD/R-441) through (B-GRAD/R-442)

Raj Excerpt -- Book: You Are The Answer

You are sitting, right now, as the Omnipresence of infinite Good, actively, Omnipotently unfolding and fulfilling Itself without exception.

It is the intuitive perception -- it is the desire, faith, and intuition of there being something to Wake up into -- which must remain the focal point of your conscious experience, regardless of the illusion of being boxed in. Then you must desire to Wake up. Do not waste any energy in attempting to overcome any facet of the dream, since the way things appear is imaginary. It, therefore, cannot be dealt with in any way other than Waking up!

I mentioned in our last conversation that the Awakening is already occurring. I will add to that, that because you are Waking up, the dream seems to be coming to an end -- even the "good" aspects of the dream seem no longer to be good, to be functioning properly, to be dependable, and so forth. For this reason it is imperative that you not react to the appearance of "ending" and attempt to keep it going. You will not be able to do it anyway. Even if you could, you would end up with only a further dream.

In the process of desiring to Awaken, keep in mind what we have been discussing about Substance. [See P-20 - Spirit as Substance] In fact, keep in mind everything we have discussed, because these Facts are substantial and are constituted of the Substance which is Light. Allow this Light to illumine your way, no matter how abstract this may seem to you.   (B-YATA/R-2325) through (B-YATA/R-2328)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-11-21

RAJ:  As I've said before, you're afraid of Waking, Awakening, for a number of reasons -- not the least of which is that you're afraid it's going to be too much work. It's going to require too much of you, that you're going to have to be too conscious, that you're going to have to be too alert. And being alert, because it's always been a part of defense for you, has not been something you've been able to recognize as so absolutely Natural to you that you rest in alertness. That alertness, that Consciousness, is an Experience of Peace. And so you push Awakening away from you for fear that it will be so demanding of you that you would rather put up with, tolerate, the dissonance of life that you're experiencing because it's not so demanding.

Being Awake is absolutely UN-demanding, because a Mind that is not experiencing disintegration is in a State of Perfect Peace. And Mind moves infinitely in Perfect Peace, and work is a concept entirely foreign to It. It is effortless. And your fear that it will be too demanding keeps you from discovering and having the experience of Effortless, Peaceful, Infinite, Conscious Awareness.

Again, all forms of sickness, even the one that seems most impossible to deal with, death, are physical expressions of the fear of Awakening.     (C-041121/R-84) through (C-041121/R-87)

Raj Excerpt -- Carmel, California--1986

Your flower is open about 35 percent, or let us say the sixth chakra. You are not resisting it greatly. But I want to communicate to you that what you are defending yourself against is your great Joy. You are defending yourself against your invulnerability. You are defending yourself against your immovable eternal stability. The more you defend yourself against your immovable eternal stability, the more you will find yourself having physical difficulties -- and I am addressing everyone here -- in the throat area. Even the neck area in the back in terms of tension and headaches.

The Christ Consciousness that each one of you fundamentally is, is going to emerge. Because mankind is Waking up. And even though each one of you is having a tug-of-war, where part of you is desiring your Awakening, and part of you is resisting it, the fact is that the Awakening process is winning. And it is winning because there is a very great number of individualities who are already totally Awakened. And as a result the general consciousness of the Brotherhood of Man is less dense. And so it is easier to spontaneously experience one's enlightenment.

There is not as much ego-structure or [ego-]strength in the entire Brotherhood and as a result each one's ego-structure is weaker. And each embracing of your further Integrity, or experience of Integrity, each willingness to own your Divinity, each allowance of greater Self-appreciation lessens the density further and, as I said yesterday, compounds the growth. Things will be moving quite rapidly, and the ego will be frightened, but your Soul will be so happy.

You may loose control as you go through the opening, but there will be a simultaneous and corresponding awareness of your Invulnerability and Integrity, and so you will not find yourself overwhelmed or terribly frightened. The fear is not from what is happening; it is not from the opening; it is from the projections which the ego is making upon the event of opening. You can trust into the essential Integrity of your Being which is emerging at the conscious level of your awareness. No one else can do that for you. No one else can invest that trust and risk the chance, because from the ego standpoint it certainly is a risk.

And so, that is why I am encouraging you, that is why your Guide is encouraging you. And that is why you find encouragement available and present from other unusual sources. Because it is hard to have the nerve to invest the trust and risk the chance without help from a different perspective. That's the end of the answer.   (G-1986B/R-283) through (G-1986B/R-288)

Raj Excerpt -- Southport, Australia--1989

Now, you are correct that you incarnate by choice. But not a conscious choice in the sense that you used the word; it is not an enlightened conscious choice. At the present time there are three types of incarnations occurring.

One is those who recognize, as almost all of you do, that a shift in consciousness, an Awakening process is occurring which will culminate very shortly, and who are wanting one last fling, you might say, in the experience of sensuality -- which I am not using negatively -- one last fling in the experience of being limited and attempting to overcome the limitations.

A second type is, those who are incarnating for the purpose of Awakening while incarnated. 

The first ]One. above] that I mentioned are those who are addicted. A conscious choice is made, but it is a movement from a three-dimensional or limited frame of reference into a three-dimensional limited frame of reference. Because, do understand that passing on does not automatically cause you to become enlightened, and you are as three-dimensional after passing on as you are that this very instant.

Now, [the second type] those who are incarnating for the purpose of Awakening while incarnated, have chosen this so that they might help facilitate the shift in consciousness. And these are incarnating from the Fourth-dimensional Conscious experience of Being. They are doing this so as to move through the birth process -- which is, or causes a covering over of one's remembrance of Home -- so that in the process of Awakening they are able to be recognizable to those who are dreaming. And so that there will be a direct means of communicating in [a human] language that is understandable to those who are in the process of Waking up also.

Understand that those who incarnate directly from the Fourth-dimensional Conscious experience of Being for the purpose of Awakening, are not as covered over by the birth process and the experience of a physical body as those who have incarnated from, let us say, a prior three-dimensional frame of reference. In other words, who have sort of been caught in an eddy of three-dimensional conscious experience and seem to be going around in circles, as you have indicated, for the purpose of their spiritual growth.

Now the third kind are those who will not actually go through a birth process in order to incarnate. There are two on your planet at this present time. At the present time they are not identifying themselves. They are simply manifesting from a Fourth-dimensional level as the Fourth-dimensional Conscious experience of Being. And these are those who will be great resources to those who are in the process of Awakening. They will not be here to govern. But they will be here to illuminate, and illuminate you, and turn you back upon your capital "S" Self. You will be likely to call them teachers, rather than facilitators as the second type are.

At the present time all of you are experiencing what we will call the last incarnation. It is the last time you will go through a "birth process," because the shifting from the three-dimensional frame of reference to the Fourth will become complete. And no one will be caught in the eddy any longer. No one will feel compelled to continue this process of spiritual growth.

This does not mean that you will never be able to visit this planet again. It simply means that you will not have to go through a birth process, a process of "endarkenment" where in your Divinity becomes hidden by the experience of physical sensation, and the data that is provided by the five physical senses which is incomplete and contributes to your adopting a concept, a stance, a way of perceiving that is incomplete but which is nevertheless treated as though it is total.

Do not ask me which of the three you are. The push is on. The Divinity of Being is asserting itself. The Awakening process is occurring. And even those who have come for a last fling in limitation will find themselves Waking up also. No one will be left out.

And I also want you to understand that the Awakening process is not just limited to the face of your globe, and it is not even limited to your time and your space as your perceive it. Because those who have passed on [and] who are still suffering from the limitations of the third-dimensional frame of reference are Awakening out of it also. In other words, the Brotherhood is coming into its full Conscious experience of its Integrity where everyone is Awake. That's the end of the answer.    (G-1989C/R-263) through (G-1989C/R-272)


Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-06-15

And the Father says, "Because that [loveless ego] isn't your Being. I am your Being. You and I are One. And in that Oneness, you are Infinite. And in that Oneness, you are unending Love. And in that Oneness, the Glory Of All That Exists dawns upon you as the Glory of the Infinitude of your Being inseparable from Me. And I [the Father] cannot agree with you when you say that this authority that you think you have is real. And I cannot agree with you when you say that if I take that [ego-authority] away from you, you will be less than whole. Because when you let go of it, you will be Whole beyond conception. You will Be And Experience Wholeness beyond your most ingenious, imaginative definition."   (C-030615/R-84)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-11-28

RAJ: You see, isn't it wonderful here in this marvelous experience of [egoic] independence, and the thrill and the excitement of overcoming the odds? You don't realize that you have already sacrificed your Peace and the Conscious Experience of your Wholeness; your capacity to be anywhere in Infinity in an instant, which you call teleportation; your capacity to experience the Whole of Infinity in the Singularity of one Conscious Experience and yet, at the same time, to experience the Infinite Specificity, the infinite minutiae of details of Creation; to have simultaneously the experience, the Conscious Experience of being Universal, as well as Specific.

You sacrificed a lot, but since no one has come along and said to you that the Rest of What You Are, the Rest of Infinity, is present and available to you right now because right now you're more than you thought you were, you just plodded along, plodded along in your ignorance.

But now someone [Raj-Jesus] is telling you that you already are the Ultimate, that you don't have to plod ahead any further. You simply have to, let's say, abandon the trek. Pause a moment. Choose for your Peace, and desire to know the Truth irrespective of the problems that are going on, which your ego would just love to get a better understanding of so that it could manipulate everything into better order without ever allowing you to remember Who You Are. And no longer experience the sacrifice of the Truth About You together with the bliss and the Peace and the Joy and the Love, together with your capacity to look at each other and recognize Ultimate Value there, so that in the recognition of it, the making of the Gift of the recognition of it, you make it your own.   (C-041128/R-118) through (C-041128/R-120)


Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-01-18

RAJ READING: The full awareness of the Atonement [At-One-ment], then, is the recognition THAT THE SEPARATION NEVER OCCURRED. (H-#136)

RAJ: You are beginning to glimpse the Fact that maybe, indeed, you are really at Home right now, that maybe you really are in the Kingdom of Heaven right now, even though you're calling it something else and insisting that it's something else. It's beginning to dawn on you that you might actually be looking at all of this right from the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven with a Christ-Mind that has the capacity, that really has the ability to see Only What Is Real. And that is giving you an experiential glimpse of the fact that the separation never occurred. ... Now listen to this.

RAJ READING: The ego cannot prevail against this because it is an explicit statement that the EGO never occurred. (H-#136)

RAJ: You, not being in your Right Mind, did not become a quote "not-right-minded entity" unquote. Therefore, this not-right-minded entity that seems to be you fumbling around in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven but saying you're fumbling around in the middle of quote "the world" unquote, that awful ungodlike place. That, instead of that, it's more like the Christ has taken a nap, or had a daydream, none of which was real but which succeeded in distracting him from the clear recognition of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Christ That He is.  Period.  No self ever got created! All this sense of yourself is--[the ego-self] that's alone, isolated, struggling, vulnerable, subject to sin, disease, death, and living in a universe of fundamental conflict--all of that is nothing but an idea that you are entertaining in your mind and identifying with so completely that you think it's true.

When you choose to join with the Holy Spirit… when you choose to join with the Holy Spirit, you break the intent to see the Kingdom of Heaven with a little bit of torque applied to it. And you break the obsession of maintaining the torque, the bias. You therefore abandon the personal power that you believe is inseparable from your identity, meaning the definitions you have given yourself. And in the willingness to abandon those, there is a spontaneous movement of rejoining, of reconnection, if you will, with your Source, that returns your Experience of your Real Identity to you and you discover that it just wasn't so. There never was an ego called you. And there never was this fantastic conglomeration of false definitions that constituted you living in a world that had nothing to do with God. Awakening is really the undoing of the belief that you really became something other than What God Is Forever Being New.

Now, you did not create the world. You only created the definitions that you're applying to the world. And so everything will not disappear. Creation will be recognizable to you as Creation, instead of quote "the world and universe" that was constituted of the best definitions you could come up with. And so this is not going to constitute a loss of any sort. Everything that you see will become illumined with the Truth Of What It Is. And so everything that you see will in that process of becoming illuminated to you, will take on more meaning -- awesome meaning. Its Divinity that would warrant the hosannas of the angels, will register with you and make your Soul soar and sing with Joy in the recognition of the Exquisiteness of What God Be's.

And so this is why I keep saying [to you to] ask, "What is the Truth here?" And let your energy and your interest and your attention be turned to the Holy Spirit with the question, "What is the Truth here?" so that the delight of Experiencing the Truth being revealed to you, might be had by you.

And as I said when we first started, get off of this habit of wanting to know what's wrong with you. Get out of the habit of wanting to know, "What is there in me that is so perverted and perverse that it would not want to experience God?" That kind of pursuit of quote "truth" unquote will not illuminate Truth. Because the Fact is that there is nothing perverted or perverse in you because you didn't for a moment stop being The Christ That You Are That God Is Expressing right where you are at this moment. And therefore, the only exploration that is worth its salt is the inquisitive pursuit of a clearer and clearer experience of what is Right about you, of this Christ That You Are.

And in the process of inviting that in, whatever resistances your ego seems to have to It will become illuminated. But you know what? It will be illuminated by the very thing that negates It so that Its uncovering will not engage you in a war with something perverted in you to get rid of it [the something]. The Truth will illuminate its [the ego's] untruth, and therefore its non-existence. And you will easily withdraw your faith in the untruth. You see? Because it [the ego] will be obviously invalid, unhelpful, unconstructive, and not useful to [the Real] you in any way. And when it's not useful to you, when something is not useful to you, you drop it. You let it go. If it's not useful, it just becomes excess baggage, doesn't it? And none of you really carries anything around with you that you don't find useful.

Okay. The good news is that Waking Up is a Joy. The good news is give your attention to desiring to know What The Truth Is. And the good news is don't uncover what's untrue in your Brother in the guise of helping him grow. Uncover the Truth in your Brother. Uncover the Truth in your Brother. And in the process, if your Brother has reluctances about seeing the Truth about himself because he or she has some pet ideas that he or she wants to hold on to, those things will become clear as the blocks. And then you can tell the Truth about them, not because you uncovered them, but because the Truth that you were being uncovered them. And because they [the untruths of the ego] are what has been illuminated [as false], they are what is [now up-front] on the plate and they are therefore the very next things to be seen through, the ones [the untruths] that are ready to be released [by them].

You can be an agent for change in the world and for your Brother, but not by pointing out his flaws. The only way you can be an agent for change is by illuminating the Truth about your Brother or Sister. And you know what? You do not know What The Truth Is until you ask God What The Truth Is in each and every moment. It's not that the Truth changes in each and every moment. It is that without checking in with God, you're relying upon something else. And there is nothing else. So the something else that you're relying upon is something that doesn't exist and, if you are going to base your actions on the basis of something that doesn't exist, you are going to introduce chaos and confusion, and not healing or correction. Is that clear? Does that make sense?

You ask, at every moment, of God What The Truth Is, not because the Truth changes, but because you don't want at any moment to be relying upon any other source for the Experience of Truth than the Only Source of the Experience of Truth there is [i.e., God].

And right now you have long-standing habits of relying upon your [ego's] best judgments and your [ego's] imaginations and your [ego's] thinking, all of which… all of which arises from a fundamental lie. That lie being the premise that you exist on your own without a Source -- [that] you are self-existent. That's why only confusion can follow any actions that arise [from the ego's thinking].

So, again, as you proceed this next week, bring some lightness and some Light into your experience by remembering that it's your Function to be curious to know What The Truth Is about yourself, about your circumstances, about your Brothers, Sisters, employers, blah, blah, blah. And the Truth is always the Divine Reality that resolves conflict, distress, tension, jealousy, hate, fear, sin, sickness, and death [all of which are untrue ego-beliefs]. It's easy to want to know What The Truth Is when you know that Truth felt and experienced heals, corrects, harmonizes, unifies, and uncovers your inseparableness from all that has been healed, corrected, unified, et cetera.

I love you all. And I'm going to say have more fun this week. Now I don't mean have more fun going out doing irrelevant things. I mean have more fun with this thing that's so fundamentally valuable to you -- your Love of Truth and your wanting to Wake Up. And have more fun bringing the Principles into play in the workplace, in your home, inside your mind, by remembering not to go on an internal witch hunt, but to desire to know the Truth because the Truth uncovers the Joy and Unity and Harmony of Being. It's that simple. Don't forget it. Okay.    (C-040118/B-76) through (C-040118/R-91)


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright © 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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