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Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2002-09-11

RAJ: You asked what the difference was between miracles and revelation. Revelation unites you directly with God, and miracles unite you directly with your Brother. And I would add that they connect you directly with your world as well, because miracles are the experience you have of being relieved of a misperception of your Brother that causes you to behave toward him in a way that is inconsistent with the behavior you would have toward a Son or Daughter of God. A miracle causes you, as I said earlier, to recognize the Divinity of your Brother. In other words, he's not the bastard you thought he was, or he's not the one who cheated you out of something. You see him, you experience, in an undeniable fashion, his Divinity. And as I've also pointed out, when that clarity is uncovered in your mind, there is a simultaneous clarity that this is true of you as well, and you see your Innocence and you see your Divinity.

Now, you suddenly find yourself considering this person defenselessly. And when you are relating to someone defenselessly, you are experiencing the true meaning of intimacy. This is very important. It's the same with God. Revelations connect you with God, because you are not defended against the Experience of God. You are in a state of [Genuine] humility in order to have the experience, to have revelation. And, it is, for lack of better words, a very intimate experience, absolutely intimate, because there's nothing separating you. You are holding no definitions. You're holding no personal right to have your own take on everything. And in the absence of the dissonance that having a different point of view introduces, you find yourself inseparably One with God, even though you find yourself yielding to and cooperating with Him.

And that's the kind of intimacy that everyone does look for in their relationship with their fellow man or fellow woman. They look for that undefended intimacy that occurs when each of them yield to each other. See? Most everyone literally gets screwed up when they try to either get or give something to another in the expression of intimate lovemaking, when what they're after is to be found in yielding to each other. Another very important point. And in truly yielding to each other, instead of trying to give or get, it is a taste of Heaven, because it is a taste of Reality, and it can be a threshold, or the threshold of a miracle.  (C-020911/R-70) through (C-020911/R-72)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2002-10-02

SEEKER: Even when we are fully Awake with God, we're still going to be in need. Okay.

RAJ: Absolutely correct. Except that when you yield to the Fact that Being, Itself is a state of need, and you yield to the Father, and you experience your Oneness with the Father, and you don't cease to be needy because you can't ever become not needy, your defenselessness in the Presence of God allows you to be filled by the Presence of God. Now actually it allows the Conscious Awareness that you have always been filled by the Presence of God to register with you. And now -- in your Experience of Wholeness -- enlightenment, fulfillment, need, and fulfillment of the need are inseparable and simultaneous. And because you're experiencing utter Fulfillment, and no sense of lack, there is no experience of need to succumb to, or think that you have to overcome.

But it is important for you to understand, as you are letting go of the ego frame of reference and the ego definitions, that you will never arrive at a point of not being in need. And you must yield to that Truth, knowing that it's the Truth, so that you do not bring any vestige of ego, or attempt to bring any vestige of ego, along with you saved in your hip pocket so that when you arrive at the point where there's "no need," you [as ego] can really assert [ego] control. You see? I see that you see.   (C-021002/S-243) through (C-021002/R-247)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-01-09

RAJ: My [Jesus'] control can take over everything that does not matter, and my guidance can direct everything that does, IF -- and it's a big "IF" -- or it's a little "if" -- if you are willing to yield up control. If you are willing to abandon autonomy. If you are willing to devalue your own personal [ego] authority, and only use enough of that so-called "authority" to say to me, "I choose to let You guide me. I choose to yield to your Guidance. I choose to act upon the influx of Clarity that will come when I stop insisting on asserting an authority that I think I have." It's utterly simple.

To the ego, it seems to cost a lot. But you know what? You are not your egos. Your egos are just a picture that you have adopted. But you aren't the picture you've adopted. You are that which has adopted the picture. And the You that has adopted the picture is still the Son or Daughter of God, still the Direct Expression of God in this very moment. It's the You that has the Real ear right in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven hearing me right in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven speaking to you, even though what you are hearing is getting "translated" into the dream you're currently dreaming.   (C-030109/R-28) through (C-030109/R-29)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-06-08

RAJ: Yes. In order to perceive, in order to accept or reject, organize and reorganize, there has to be something separate from the Movement of Creation to observe it. And therefore be in a position to analyze it. And so, of course, one must have turned one's back from the Altar [see N01] in order to create the imaginary environment in which one could be an independent observer, and then proceed to evaluate. Part of what is very dissatisfying to the ego in the process of Awakening is that, in yielding to the river, floating on your back, expending no energy whatsoever for survival or the achievement of goals, one has abandoned the so-called right to make evaluations. You can't even say, "Well, I'd like to be closer to the edge of the river."  Or, "I'd like to be in a quieter part of the river." Or, "I'd like to be in a faster part of the river."

One has arrived at a point of saying, "Thy Will be done. I will fit in." Those are the terrible words [to the ego]. I will fit in. I yield to the Movement of Creation [NOW] and hold myself separate from it no longer. And in doing that, abandoning this apparent right to be separate, you find yourself at One with It, and It Being The Wholeness Of You.

Mind spake and Form appeared. That's a brief description of Creation. Or, Mind speaks and Form appears. But understand that this Form is not matter. Mind speaks and recognizes Itself in that Act or Action. And it's all mental. It's all Mind. And the Substance of the Experience is Spirit, not matter.

Now, what I want to bring home at this moment is that nothing that you are experiencing right now is matter. Not the chairs you're sitting on. Not the bodies that are sitting on the chairs. Not the trees. Nothing that you are experiencing is matter. And, therefore, nothing that you are experiencing right now is bound by what you would call the laws of matter or physics. 

Form follows Function. Mind spake and Form appeared. Mind spake and Function functioned and was recognizable and identifiable. The Movement of God, of Creation, is Be-ing -- the verb Be-ing. It is Movement. It is Function. If Form follows Function, it serves Function. It renders Function visible and tangible. Not materially tangible, but experienceable. With what? The only thing there is, Mind. And that's what's going on right now for every single one of you. It's the only thing going on, period.   (C-030608/R-52) through (C-030608/R-56)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-02-08

RAJ READING: Remember that the Holy Spirit is the ANSWER, NOT the question. (H-#140)

RAJ: The moment you chose to abandon God, to abandon your Divinity and dally with the ego, at that very moment your Divinity became held in trust where? The only place it could be, right in the middle of You. The Answer [the Holy Spirit] was provided the moment you chose to become unconscious of the Truth. And it's been held inviolably in trust the whole time.

Now are you the Sons and Daughters of God. And it doth not yet appear what you shall be. It doesn't matter what you shall be. Now are you the Sons and Daughters of God. You see?

I know that sometimes you feel as though the things we're discussing don't have any practical application. Or there are things on your mind of a practical nature that you would really like to have the answers to in preference to what I'm sharing with you at the moment. Don't fret about it.

There is a willingness in you to see beyond your present perceptions. And that willingness coupled with your bringing your attention here and my [Jesus] being with you expressing the Father's Will is causing movement and transformation, not because you have been commanded to move and progress, but because the Expression of Love coupled with your willingness to abandon your boxes constitutes you yielding. Yielding your hold to your concepts, and yielding to the influx of that which is changing your lives and causing you to respond in your day naturally in new ways.

Trust me. Do you know I love you? I love you.   (C-040208/B-202) through (C-040208/R-207)

Raj Excerpt -- Southport, Australia--1989

QUESTION: I've been finding it pretty hard to formulate a question, but is there anything that you can see within me that could assist my Awakening?

RAJ: Oh, yes! I see You in you. I see the Christ of you. I see the Light of you.

I'm going to tell you something: That of you, in you, which you see as needing to Awaken, is just a small circumscribed part of you in your totality. What you need to know is that you in your totality, you, who you divinely Are is fully active, even though you are paying only a small bit of attention to a very confined part of that totality.

All of you as you sit there -- all of you individually as you sit there -- is fully functional, and fully functioning. What you are Divinely is infinite Intelligence, infinite Life functioning fully. And out of that infinite Intelligence is coming the pressuring that you in your tiny sense of yourself feel as a demand to grow, or a demand to yield. Your Being, with a capital "B", is constantly pressuring your tiny circumscribed sense of self [the ego] to give up the ghost, to give up the boundary that separates it from the rest of what you are.

In other words, what you ultimately will be, you are at this instant. And what you ultimately will be and are, is actively engaged in undermining your ego sense, undermining the false limits that have become established by virtue of your commitment to them. You must understand that the Christ of you that you would like to become is what is active in you at this moment in its full capacity, pressuring you, pressuring these limits to give up the ghost.

And so, I encourage you to honor You, with a capital "Y", the actuality of you that is active and present right now. I will tell you something: You have heard a lot about yielding to the Father, yielding to the Will of God, when you yield to the Father and actually do it, you will find that you have been yielding to your Self, with a capital "S". And so yielding to the Father will not cause you to be swallowed up in God, but will cause you to experience who you are more completely. And coming Home will be the equivalent of finding yourself in your Right Mind with your full capacity to experience yourself Really, and experience Reality completely or truly.

And so, yielding to the Father constitutes coming into your Right Mind, constitutes what you would call an integration of every part of you so that all of it is available to you consciously, instead of just a little circumscribed part of it.

You will not lose yourself in the process of finding God and yielding to God. Yielding to God will constitute truly finding yourself. And so you see, yielding to God will not cause you to lose yourself. And at the bottom line, that is the ultimate loss that the ego suggests will occur, that you will lose your identity if you yield to the Will of God. But I am telling you that in yielding to the Will of God, you will come into the full experience of your Identity and your Integrity. And there will be no loss incurred at all, except for the loss of seeming to be subject to the suggestions of the ego, and the distortions that its viewpoint superimposes over the Kingdom of Heaven and the Christ that you are.

Don't demean yourself! Don't be self-effacing in your process of Awakening, because it is the Self that you Are being illuminated as it truly is, that constitutes Waking up. And if you are being self-effacing, if you are trying to rise above yourself, escape yourself, then you are turning your attention away from the very place where the fullness of God's self-expression is occurring. Your interpretation of yourself is false, but your Self is not. Your interpretation of yourself is what I describe as self, with a small "s". But the Self in which the interpretation is going on is a capital "S" Self. So, stop demeaning yourself. Stop being so ready to be self-critical.

As I said yesterday, the most direct route to your Divinity is right through your humanity, right through the Center of you. Well, what you am I talking about? I'm talking about the only you you are aware of at this very moment. You start with the you that you are experiencing. There is no other you.

And so you go right into the middle of this you that you have been conditioned to feel is unworthy -- incomplete, limited, capable of dying, perhaps even nothing more than a flash in the pan in the process of evolution. And you go right into the middle of you as you are experiencing yourself at the moment with all of your flaws and all of your capabilities and talents. And in doing that and reversing the process of self-denial, you come in touch with You, with a capital "Y".

The false sense, or misinterpretation of you, is a false sense or misinterpretation of the Christ that you are. And the false interpretation is placed right where the Christ of you is. And so in order to reach the Christ that is there, that the false interpretation is about, you must go right into the false interpretation, you must start with yourself right where you are. And we could say that who you really are is a bright jewel buried in a crust of beliefs, of belief structures.

But the belief structures are built around Something Real [You]. And so to get to the Real, you must be willing to go through the unreal, if I may put it that way. And you won't go through the unreal if you are constantly denying it and putting it down. You don't take the unreal and call it Real; you recognize that you can't have a counterfeit of nothing, you can't have a false sense of nothing. And the false sense is always about Something, and is always right where the Something, with a capital "S", is [the Real You].

And so, when you are told to Love yourself, it means Love yourself right where you are. Be willing to be present with yourself right where you are. And then go even more deeply into you, because then you will connect with the Reality about which this covering of [false] beliefs has been developed -- a covering of false interpretations. Again, what you Divinely Are is fully present, is fully active at this very instant.

I have told other groups before, and I will tell you: This room is absolutely illuminated by who you Are, and the Bodies of Light that are actually sitting here in a building of the most beautiful Light structures that you could imagine; the Ultimate is now, and the Ultimate is fully active.

It is easy for you to imagine that perhaps the building and the planet and the trees and everything out there are indeed divine evidences that you are not seeing clearly. 

But it is more difficult for you to believe that right here, right now, you as you sit here are full representations, full manifestations, full expressions of the Father, not needing to become better, not needing to become refined, not needing to grow.

Give yourself the same benefit of the doubt that you would give to the tree outside, and say, "Maybe what I Divinely Am is fully developed already, finished already," in the sense that God has completely expressed Himself/Herself and is completely expressing Himself/Herself at this very instant as You, where there is nothing further to be done to complete you. 

Imagine that that might be True, and then to whatever degree you are able to, screw up the courage let yourself into that experience. Don't deny it! Don't justify not experiencing it! God's Kingdom is a finished Kingdom. I do not mean that there is an end to it, but God's self-expression is total and complete, and that total and complete self-expression is constantly making Itself new. The Father never stops to repeat Himself. And so Creation is forever new. And it is always complete or Whole.

So indeed I do see something in you that can help you Wake up. And it is You, with a capital "Y". And it is already present. And you simply need to embrace the possibility that that's the fact so that you can be curious to experience it. It is your curiosity which will open the door. But do not combine curiosity with impatience or willfulness. Just let it be simple childish curiosity, that openness that is unconditional. That's the end of the answer.   (G-1989C/Q-415) through (G-1989C/R-434)


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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