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FROM:  G-1996L -- Asilomar, California -- November 1996 Gathering with Raj



 RAJ: Hands. Over here. Yes. If youíll stand up [to receive the microphone]. Yes.

QUESTION: Is it true that God experiences through me? And as I experience Him experiencing through me, do I experience Him experiencing through me?  íCause I got that from you, and every time I mention it, people tell me, ďItís not in the Course,Ē and, ďWhere did I get it?Ē  And Iím not even sure now that thatís what youíre saying.

PAUL: Iím going to ask you to repeat the statement one more time.

QUESTION: Does God experience through me? And do I experience Him experiencing through me?

RAJ: First of all, the question suggests that there is God and you. And there is just God. There is no other presence for you to experience right where you are but the presence of God. God is the Conscious experience of Being. That is what God is. That is, therefore, what you must be.

And when you, or anyone else, starts listening for Godís point of view instead of inserting imaginative points of view of your own, the question you asked will become nonsensical, because right where you are will be God experiencing All That God Is. The thing that I cannot convey in words is how you can experience being infinite and specific at the same time. But God has no trouble experiencing that. All there is for you to experience is what God is being.

And Creation is Godís experience of being Himself. Thatís it in a nutshell.

QUESTION: Thank you.

RAJ: As you learn to become still, even if itís just for ten minutes at a time, even if itís just for a moment, as you learn to become still and abandon thinking, in the void of your thinking, what God is Knowing can register with you. And the problem is that with most of you when that happens, you say, ďIíve gotten a revelation from God,Ē when whatís happened is that you have experienced your true Being. You have experienced your true Being and there was no separateness from it at all. And you were never supposed to come back into the place where you would say, ďI got a vision from God.Ē You see?

And so Waking up is a matter of having little experiences of communion or of oneness with God, where what God is Knowing is what youíre experiencing. Itís having little experiences of that, and inviting them over, and over, and over again, until there are only brief gaps, little gaps, where youíre not experiencing it, and you finally say ďOkayĒ to not reserving the right to have a few moments for yourself privately. And you yield and you let the Fatherís point of view be yours permanently, forever.

Do you see?

QUESTION: Thank you.

RAJ: You are welcome. I donít care whether it wasnít in the Course. [audience laughter] Do you not think there is more to be said and more to be known than what is in just the words of the Course? Remember Truth is a revelation, therefore itís a living experience that happens in you, and itís not in a book. So you had better be listening always for the truth, for the ongoing revelation of it. And you had better not even think that the truth that was revealed to you a moment ago means that you no longer have to listen for that truth. You see? Truth is living. It is the immediate, conscious, vital experience of the Fatherís point of view at every moment in which the Father is being the Movement of  ďBehold, I make all things new

If Creation is a constant [on-going] Movement of originality [right NOW], then the experience of its meaning which you could call Truth, is going to be forever new, and youíre never going to get it and then have it forever. Youíre always going to have to be alive to Truth forever. You see? This is important.

Truth is revealed. It is a [continuous] revelation always. And then, when you experience the revelation of it, you must yield to it; make commitment to it. And so it is like, as Iíve said before, constantly making new commitment to the wave, like a surfer. You are constantly making new commitment to the wave by constantly finding the new balance point [of experiencing Unified Being Ė Oneness with the Wave]. You see?

So you learn to ride the wave of the Movement of Creation which is forever new, and finding the balance point, and in that way making commitment to it, which is the way you say, ďThy Will be done.Ē Itís also the way that you become a co-creator with God. I really donít like the word ďco-creatorĒ because it takes two, and the point is there is only One. Itís God [pointing to a person], itís God [pointing to another person, etc.,] itís God, itís God, itís God, itís God, itís God, itís God!

But as long as you seem to not be experiencing your Unity with God, then it will seem as though you have to make a conscious choice to ride the wave of the Movement of Creation, and constantly make new commitment to it by finding your balance point on it. And then, as you have said ďyesĒ to God by finding the balance point, there is no longer any sense of separation between you and the Movement. And the fullness of all of the meaning of that point of creativity becomes your conscious experience.

Now, where is this wave that youíre going to catch? What I want to instill in your minds is that here is the wave in this cloth; here is the wave in this watch; here is the wave in the fireplace; there is the wave in the trees. Every single thing youíre [NOW] experiencing is the threshold of the wave where you have the opportunity to abandon your [ego-distorted] definition of it, so that you might catch the balance point and experience its Real Meaning. And thatís why I keep harping on the idea of not turning your eyes away from where you are, and who youíre with and what youíre with, even if it seems to be an inanimate piece of cloth, because something is happening here. And whatís happening here [NOW] is Meaning. And What sets Meaning into motion is the Mind of God, the Movement of Creation.

So every single thing youíre confronted with is your vehicle to Awakening. And thatís why I insist on reminding everyone not to become too highfalutin, too spiritual, too lofty. Remember to look in each otherís eyes [Lovingly]. Remember to look at these flowers with a curiosity to know what their divine Meaning is.

Look at your body, feel your body with a curiosity to see and experience its intent to identify your Presence perfectly, and thereby prove not only that its function is divine, but its function ó its divine function ó is to identify the Divine One that you are by virtue of God being the only thing thatís right there where you are, and right there where your fellowman is, and right here where the arm of this chair is.



Transcribed by Pamela and Janis; Annotated by Alexander

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