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 Raj Excerpt -- RAJ NEWSLETTER Volume 2 Number 1--January 1985



 QUESTION: I have been devoting a lot of energy lately to making my body more comfortable to live in, physically. I just wonder if I have been pursuing the right course?

 RAJ: You certainly are. It is important to understand that the body is the visibility and tangibility of your Individuality.

The expression or Movement, which God is, which moves into expression as Individuality, is not a nebulous expression, nor is it invisible. It is identified and identifiable to Consciousness [i.e., Mind-as-such]. In other words, it is visible and tangible to Consciousness.

The visibility and tangibility of Mind occupies what you call three-dimensional space. But the Consciousness, which is thus identified, always remains Fourth-dimensional. You can see from this that the fundamental difference between Fourth-dimensional Consciousness and three-dimensional consciousness is where one places his sense of "I-ness."

The ego says that it exists IN the world, IN the universe, IN the three-dimensional frame of reference as one of many objects [as forms] or organisms [as forms]. Fourth-dimensional Conscious Being Knows that It is the Consciousness or Mind in WHICH all Conscious experience takes place, including the Conscious experience of form, substance, tangibility, density, weight, etc. All of those are Conscious experiences [taking place in Mind].

All forms [objects, organisms, etc.,] are structures of Consciousness. Your body is a structure of Consciousness, or Mind. It therefore deserves your respect and your honor. But, again, it does not exist as the visibility and tangibility of the ego. It exists as the visibility and tangibility of your Individuality. It is therefore an aspect of the direct expression of the Life-Principle and is absolutely, for lack of better words, divine.

As a structure of Consciousness, your body has an intent, as all structures do. Your body's intent is to identify You, your Individuality, perfectly. When you are not functioning from the level of the ego sense, your body, even as you now perceive it, reports back no dysfunction. When you are operating from the level of your ego- structures, you are always experiencing anxiety to one degree or another, because anxiety is inherent in the ego frame of reference.

Anxiety, fear, doubt, especially as they relate to your body, introduce, what are, at the bottom line, mental distortions, distorting energies, which seem to interfere with the body's intent to identify You perfectly. Now, again, they cannot actually interfere with a divine structure, but they can interfere with your clear perception of the divinity of that structure. And, so, you experience pain, dysfunction of various sorts, illness, etc.

Your intent to honor your body is excellent. But, I encourage you to move beyond the level of honoring it as an ego, or even an "enlightened" ego. The ego will take care of the body so as to extend its (the ego's) existence, if possible, even though everything it does is disruptive to the body.

Your ability to honor your body and heal it depends upon your ability to insist on recognizing its Divinity; the Fact that it is not simply a physical organism, but is the visibility and tangibility of that which God has expressed.

If your body, in all of its perfection, exists at this very moment, then what is it that needs to be healed? Literally, the vision [perception] with which you are looking at it. If the vision [perception] is clouded with fear and doubt and distrust of the body, if it is filled with a feeling that you are a little pea-brained "consciousness" encapsulated in a brain that is temporarily occupying a body, [then, as a result] you will not be able to get past the sense of doubt and fear and anxiety that you have about the body.

I am going to suggest that as you allow yourself into an enlarged awareness of your Being, you will move into a level of experience where you will not claim this two-legged, two-armed shape as being all there is to your body. You will begin to recognize that everything in your world, and everything in your universe, is some part of the infinitude of your Being, because, in actuality, it is what constitutes the full expression of the Life-Principle, which you are not separate or different from—except in the one essential capacity I mentioned, that the Life-Principle is the Prime Mover.

The appreciation of the intent of your body to identify you perfectly is the healthiest thing you can do. Appreciation! Gratitude! Those are what constitute honoring the body. Fearing it, doubting it, dishonors it. It misses the point. It misconstrues the fundamental intent, which your body has to identify you perfectly.

Your body exists, as do all forms, as Meaning identified. That Meaning is a creation or expression of the Life-Principle, and so, always, the meaning of any form is Love. In universal terms, Love means Harmony. Physical harmony is physical health. But, you can not access that harmony when you are introducing doubt and fear, whether that fear is occasioned by insecurity or whether the fear is occasioned by medical dictums or pronouncements.

Your appreciation and your honoring of your body is the equivalent of honoring the Life-Principle. It most certainly is an honoring of your [Real] Self. It is an activity, which is consistent with and in harmony with the very nature of your Being. It introduces no distortions, and therefore does not stand in the way of your clearer Vision or perception of your body, which you call healing.

You should anticipate, in the process of your Awakening to your conscious experience of your Self, to see your body get better and better and better, until physically there is no distortion of shape or function. And then, you can expect it to get better and better and better, in terms of its density, its solidity, its weight diminishing and giving place to the direct Conscious perception of your body as a Body of Light, a body constituted of formed, living Love, the Love that God is, wherein the illumination, Itself, is the expression of Love, a communication of Love.

There should be no sense entertained [by you] of overcoming the body, of rising above the body. There should be no justification for demeaning in any way any function of the body. There should be a greater and greater embracing of the body, and an appreciation of it because of what it Really Is, and because of what it is, its intent and function to do.

There should also be no inclination to say, "Well, after I die, I will get to that place." The only things that blind you to whatever it is you think you are going to arrive at sometime in the future, are belief systems and belief structures [of the ego] which you are choosing to abide with, and actually be bound by, right now. You do not need to wait to Wake up. Again, remember that Waking up does not mean dealing with every ugly little detail of the [egoic] dream you're having and bringing it to some state of perfection. It simply means opening your eyes [to what is Really there]!

What is going to be your vantage point? The ego structures, or your Being? One constitutes being asleep. One constitutes being Awake.

When you view any situation or circumstance, and you say, "This situation is pacifying, peaceful, harmonizing," and another [situation] is "anxiety producing, fearful, scary, upsetting," you [make a] mistake. Those qualities are not in the situation or circumstance, but are entirely due to the vantage point [ego or Self] from which you are viewing them.

In making the choice for viewing them from the [fourth-dimensional Consciousness] level of your Being, you put yourself in the position where the circumstances can not grab you physically and generate emotions of fear and anxiety. And, if there is some correction or clarification that needs to be brought into play in regard to those circumstances, you will have the perspective, the peaceful perspective, the secure perspective, to know how to deal with them appropriately, so that the Reality can be brought to view, in place of the illusion.


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