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Introduction:  There are very few movies, even most of those I have listed below, that I would class as truly Spiritual -- in the sense that their primary raison d'etre is the Awakening of the human race. Even instructional films purported to be for that purpose usually fall far short of the inspirational content of the channeled books dictated by Ascended Masters such as Raj/Jesus, Emmanuel, and P'taah. Note that two kinds of films have been excluded from the listings below: (a) those films in which a specific person is only speaking, channeling or being interviewed, and (b) the hundreds of fictional, traditional, religious movies centered around the life of Jesus or some other historical person. Note that I have not distinguished between formats (films, videos, DVDs) because, these days, you can rent or purchase a title in any format you need, and anyway DVDs are almost universal now. Note also, that I have not attempted to evaluate or rate the entries simply because ratings are very subjective. However, while I have personally seen all the titles listed, this does not mean that I am enthusiastic about all of them -- but you may be! Any comments I have added are only for information about the content of the film. I have included the Ratings (R, PG13, PG, G, UR) when available, for those who wish to know them. Only the titles, the year of the movies and the names of the principal actors are given, because you can find the other details on any informational movie website of your choice.


THE SPIRITUAL CINEMA CIRCLE; The Heart and Soul of Cinema   www.SpiritualCinemaCircle.com   If you join the Circle on this website this group will sell you a feature length film and a few short films on a DVD each month for a fixed fee. Their definition of what is "spiritual" is sufficiently broad to satisfy most people.


MATRIX ENERGETICS: The Science and Art of Transformational (2008) by Richard Bartlett DC ND (Instant miraculous healing for all). This is an incredible DVD in which you can see Richard transforming people's lives with instant healings by tapping into quantum collapse, morphogenic fields (Sheldrake) and creating the restoration of perfect patterns of energy flow within the Field. Available from www.MatrixEnergetics.com   See also Richard's book (BOOKS Q2, and WEBSITE Q3)

WHAT DREAMS MAY COME (1998--PG13) Robin Williams' fictional between-lives sojourn on the astral (mutable) planes but remember that, in Reality, it is usually a different experience for each of us. At all levels of life we always make, or choose, our own reality/Reality.

CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD (2006--PG) Neale Donald Walsch's movie about his real-life experiences around the time of his channeling "Conversations with God." Very well acted by Henry Czerny and the others in the cast.

WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW (2004--UR) Marlee Matlin, who acts the role of a deaf photographer, provides a thematic story thread for a movie to introduce us to the basic philosophies of mind/Mind, quantum physics and neurological processes. This film has polarized critics, who love it or hate it. Its value is that it keeps the "pot of controversy" well stirred!

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE (2005--PG13) Debbie Brown acts in this heart-warming, gentle movie of present-day South Africa that explores the ever-evolving relationships between three races, three classes and three generations. The action is loosely centered around a small rescue center for all kinds of animals.

PAY IT FORWARD (2000--PG13) Brilliant child actor Haley Joel Osment (also of "Sixth Sense") and Helen Hunt make this a wonderful movie with a strong message. Ignore the professional critics opinions because over 1,500,000 people rated it 3.8 stars out of 5.

LACKAWANNA BLUES (2005--PG13) S. Epatha Markesan won awards for her incredible performance as the "Nanny" of the boarding house that is a shelter for the lost and homeless. Many stars have parts in this heart-warming film. Child star Marcus Franklin shines.

A RUMOR OF ANGELS (2002--PG13) Vanessa Redgrave and child actor Trevor Morgan act brilliantly to demonstrate (at the finale) that there is life after life. Although this film is choppy and has flaws, it is still worth seeing for its acting, scenery and spiritual message.

FREEDOM WRITERS (2007--PG13) Hilary Swank plays the true-life role of Erin Gruwell, who as an inspired young teacher radically changes the outlooks and lives of her sophomore class of racially diverse gang members who are bussed from their urban "turf" to a suburban high school. Hillary is a great actor.

THE GIRL IN THE CAFE (2005--PG-13) Bill Nighy is a shy UK Treasury senior civil servant and Kelly Macdonald is the shy young woman he meets in a cafe. After a couple of dinner dates he invites her to join him (platonically) at the G8 Summit in Iceland. The events she initiates there at the Summit send a wonderful message to the whole world. A marvelous film made for HBO. The acting is fabulous.

AMAZING VIDEO: MY STROKE OF INSIGHT (2008) Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist, studied her own massive left hemisphere stroke  as it happened with astonishing insights. She also loving oneness now (my term) experiences in the process. A must-see video.

THE LIVING MATRIX: A FILM ON THE NEW SCIENCE OF HEALING (2009) This film in which the Institute Of Noetic Sciences was involved, has extensive contributions by Lynne McTaggart, Bruce Lipton, Eric Pearl, Peter Fraser, James Oschman, Arielle Essex, Rollin McCraty, and Marilyn Schlitz. (From: www.theLivingMatrixMovie.com


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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