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Over the years I have been fortunate to discover some music CDs which are very restful to listen to. So, if at any time you wish to let go the cares of this world of ego, listen to any of the following compositions. They can be played, (a) for active listening at good volume, (b) as background music at medium volume while pursuing other activities, or, (c) at low volume for centering meditation. 


ARVO PART - Title: ALINA (1999, ECM Records GmbH) 

Superb minimalistic "White light in a prism" music which induces a deep peaceful state. Genuine piano and violin by renowned artists, not a synthesizer.

AEOLIAH - Title: ANGEL LOVE (1985, Helio Enterprises) Distributed by Willow Tree, PO Box 1439, San Raphael, CA 94115

Pure, timeless, drifting, calming thematic music for total relaxation and peaceful meditation.

MIKE ROWLAND - Title: THE FAIRY RING (1982, Antiquity Records) Distributed by Music Design Inc., 207 E. Buffalo Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202.  TEL:  414-272-1199

This is a "bright" yet very relaxing melodic composition founded on unseen Nature; it unfolds a magical "world of peace and tranquility." Do not be fooled by the title into thinking it is childish or naive. It is superb. Piano and synthesized strings.

CHUCK WILD - Title: LIQUID MIND - AMBIENCE MINIMUS (1994, Chuck Wild Records) PO Box 93036, Hollywood, CA 90093

Almost continuous, minimalistic music that is very soothing, drifting and calming. Good for meditation. [Also: LIQUID MIND - SLOW WORLD.]



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