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LAYERS OF THE EGO - (from E04)

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Because the font is tiny, here is a larger point size version of some of the tiny text in the Diagram below:

TOP:  To dismantle the ego, own all of it, feel each emotion intensely, but do not act out with others. Then give it to the Holy Spirit (or Self) to dissolve. Do this very frequently and Be Now. Note that the Lids (in the lower part of the Diagram) have to be removed in order to open up the whole of your mind, because only then can the Real Self spread (upwards) through all of it and reunite all of it with God's Mind-as-Such. (For a full account of the Ego-Dismantling Method see Page G04.)

BOTTOM:  Note that the vertical white lines indicate that the Holy Spirit has access to all of the above areas if we give our unqualified permission. (With steady and patient ego-dismantling the entire blue ego-bubble "dissolves into the nothingness from whence it came.") 


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