Loving Oneness Now


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NOTES:  During our lives we tend to get hooked into ego-looping behaviors and habitual ways of ego-thinking which circle us around and around in the same old beliefs, viewpoints and rigid ideas which of course we do not doubt are correct. Some times a severe trauma, disaster, traumatic loss or devastating illness can shake us out of an ego-loop and cause us to move up to a new level of functioning. Hopefully we do not get caught in a higher ego-loop and become entrapped in it -- for example being mesmerized by some guru or preacher. By all means be open to input from all sources but practice discernment and vigilance. (See: J01 and J02). Stay open and understand the ultimate Truth is inside your Mind, not out there in another person, or in courses or books -- even those these may be useful signposts.

Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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