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My primary purpose in creating and maintaining this Loving Oneness website is to play a part in helping to Awaken human beings to their Reality as fully Conscious Mind-Beings (both local and non-local) within the Absolute Mind-as-Such of God. It is that simple, even though we, as egos, make the process very complicated. Most of this Website is devoted to suggestions of how we can undo our separation-obsessed fear-based egos, while at the same time reclaiming (re-membering) the Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Freedom and Knowledge we have dissociated as independent, recalcitrant, ego-self-sufficient Prodigal Sons of God.

I am very, very grateful to those Awake Masters who have shared their Knowledge with me in a wide variety of ways, some through their published channels in the form of books, articles and CDs, while others have conversed with me extensively through friends and clients. Since I was 16 I have experienced and benefited from endless miracles, most of which were fortuitous practical events obviously intended to move me along my own bumpy Path back Home. This does not mean my current lifetime has been psychologically smooth; rather, has it been full of challenges and vicissitudes since I was a baby -- but, then, meeting these face-on, owning them and dismantling them is what I came here to do this time around. 

The never-ending Journey of "eternal" Life Now continues -- even after our return to Conscious Unity and Communion. 

Janis has been of great assistance to me, especially by teaching me how to use several computer programs and techniques as well as by making me great salads! This website layout, which I have learned to master, mimics the one Janis originally made for my Bannatyne Reading, Writing, Spelling and Language Program.

There have been many, many others in my long life whom I would love to thank individually for their intentional (or unintentional) help, but that would fill another website the size of this one. Actually, I wish to extend my thanks to everyone I have ever met.

To all of you, including all whom I have not met, I say, "I Love you for Who you Really ARE, and will always Love you Now."


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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